Woman Gives Birth to Twins Naturally, One Year Apart


twin baby feetI love twin pregnancies and twin moms. I am one, so of course I do. But what I love even more is when there is a great story that comes along with the twin pregnancy or birth -- something that defies the odds (or that one doctor I had who told me how unnatural it was for me to even be pregnant with twins). So when I hear about twins being born over six pounds each or a twin mom able to have her twins vaginally, I feel like she has done twin mamas proud. But Brighid Rosputni took the pride of having twins many, many steps further.

She had an all-natural birth. Both babies were breech. And she had them in different years.

Thirty-year-old Brighid had the first twin on December 31, 2011 at 11:37 p.m. at Women & Children's Hospital near Buffalo in Erie Country. She named him Ronan and he was the last birth for the year there. Then 33 minutes later (technically the next day), Rory arrived at 12:10 a.m. on January 1 -- baby New Year for that area, the first one born in 2012. 

Rory weighed in at 6 pounds and 15 ounces; Ronan was 6 pounds 14 ounces. Both boys share the same middle name, Stephen.

"They have completely different birthdates and years," Rosputni said. "I don't know if it's ever happened."

"It's unique," said nurse Kathy Bean. "They definitely will have a story for the rest of their lives."

Oh yes they will! How incredible. I wonder what they will do -- two days of birthday celebrations? Actually, this 'born on different days' is helpful for twin parents. We have to allow our kids to have their individuality and the different birth date automatically does that.

The boys, who are fraternal, were a few weeks early but doing really well, and so is mom who delivered them both breech (feet first) without any drugs. She credits her midwife, Eileen Stewart, for guiding her through her completely natural birth. Twins don't have to mean c-section. And here is proof that neither does breech provided all is okay. Oh the power of a midwife. The power of trusting birth. The power of a twin mama!

Can we pause here and all stand up and clap? I have tears welling in my eyes. Bravo mama, and bravo to that midwife.


Image via surlygirl/Flickr

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lehof... lehoffman

great story, but another misleading title. yes they were born in separate years, but the twins are not one year apart. 

hutch... hutchfam2007

Bravo, Indeed!!!! This just goes to show that breech does not = c section as many doctors and mothers automatically go for! I was born breech (of course back then the sonograms were not that great and they didnt know I was breech until my mom had something kicking her between the legs)

If my baby ends up being breech I am still going to try for a vaginal birth!!!! It CAN be done!!!!!

Neat story, thanks for sharing!

amand... amandasmomma

Yes, very sweet story, but c'mon...they weren't born "one year apart".

Kaila... KailaCheyenne

My cousin had this happen to her. Her baby girl was born on December 31 (a few years ago) at 11:58 and her boy on January 1 at 12:02. Love the story!

nonmember avatar Lori

There is a story like this about twins born in Tampa, Florida. Apparently these aren't the only twins like this. :) http://www.baynews9.com/article/news/2012/january/364588/The-Bears-new-twin-cubs-first-Bay-area-babies-born-in-2012.html

Bugsm... Bugsmom0307

Wow what a great story! Now those boys will have some story to tell. How cute!

Procr... Procrastamom

Math -- not your strong suit.

sarae... saraewrig

"One Year Apart" - that's incorrect. The Stir headlines usually are though.

gen791 gen791

Too cool, and c'mon all, that is her job, to get you to read this story...lol....

gumeshoe gumeshoe

Even "woman has twins and only gets 1 tax write off" would have been a better title. Title is Terrible.


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