Don't You Dare Call Your Pregnant Belly a Baby Bump!


pregnant belly The list of banned words for 2012 came out and I think it's totally anti-parenting. They want to ban the phrase 'baby bump.' Clearly, they prefer the phrase 'with child' because they must be really proper and don't want to lump pregnancy in with other things that have the word 'bump' attached to it. Like speed bump. Bump 'n grind. Or bumpits -- you know that thing you put in your hair to make it Jersey Shore high. So what does that mean exactly -- this banishment? Well, nothing unless you listen to the kids at Lake Superior State University.

Still I can't help but want to poke a little fun at the fact that baby bump irks off the youngsters as much as the word 'amazing' (which is absolutely overused yet still an amazing word and one that I say a whole lot). Also on the list is man cave, occupy, shared sacrifice, new normal, and thank you in advance.

Maybe those who made the list aren't pro-creators. They think breeding isn't eco-friendly (or whatever the kids are complaining about these days) and instead of something occupying their belly for nine months, they would rather Occupy Wall Street or Occupy whatever corner they live on USA.

Maybe they don't like the shared sacrifice that comes with having a baby bump. Or really, what comes after the baby bump is gone and there is actually a baby. We all know that having a baby is an amazing adventure and works really well when you have two active parents. But apparently the makers of this list prefer to hide in a man cave -- maybe they feel having a baby bump is the new normal.

Or maybe the makers of this are exactly the types who want to ban babies in first class on airplanes and freak out if they see a mom breastfeeding her baby in public. (Did Kasey Kahne go to Lake Superior State University?)

So to all the pregnant women out there ... beware of calling your baby bump a baby bump. Beware of parking in those spot designed for expecting moms, too. Beware of trying to get a seat on the subway when you are 8 months pregnant with twins. Beware of wearing tight fitting clothes or high heels. Because, you know, you may just aggravate people so much that they ban the word 'pregnancy' next year. Thank you in advance.

What do you think of the banned words? Isn't it silly baby bump made the list or do you hate that phrase, too?


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Saphi... SaphiraJFire

I can't stand the word awsom lol its seels like way to many people use it awysome awsomeawsome lol ahh!

baby bump though what else do youcall it??baby maybe? lol haha stupid lol

navyw... navywife0204

I used to live 3 hours from LSSU, and almost applied there for college.  glad I didn't!

nonmember avatar JellyCat

You're being waaay too oversensitive. "Baby bump" is an annoying term and it has been played out in the media. ("Beyonce reveals baby bump!" "Is Jen Aniston hiding a baby bump or did she just eat a burrito?" "First pics of So-and-So's Baby Bump!")
Finding the term annoying isn't the same thing as hating babies and pregnant woman. Get off your high horse.

orang... orangetree

Isn't there something better to protest? Like shark fin soup?


I think you took this the wrong way. It's the "term" "baby bump" people don't like. It doesn't mean they don't like babies or kids or pregnant women. I never used the term myself. I just called it what it was. I was pregnant. I don't care for the term myself. It sounds so high school-y. I also can't stand hubs, delish or like. As in you know, like!

Stacey. Stacey.

Baby bump sounds like a teen mom term, and i agree it sounds annoying. Especially when magazines say "bump watch".  Also annoying is the term "preggers".

nonmember avatar guest

yeah, i hate that phrase; it sounds terrible. haven't even heard some of the banned words used, though.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

If you can equate thinking the term "baby bump" annoying, to hating children, then you need to get some psychological help.  Maybe the counselor can also help you deal with your guilt over your tramp stamp, too.  Imagine how full your life will be when you're no longer daunted by labels.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Is everyone still too hung over to have a sense of humor?

I've never much cared for the term, baby bump. It's not as annoying as some but hearing it gives me a twitch. it's not nearly as irritating as preggo. That should be banned, makes me grind my teeth.

Danzz... Danzzcoach

RhondaVeggie, I almost NEVER agree with you, but your "is everyone still too hung over to have a sense of humor" comment made me ROFL and want to give you high five! LOL I can think of a hundred words I would LOVE if were banned, "Babies Mama" being at the top, but seriously? They ALL have a time and a place, and honestly, a descent sense of humor comes into play!

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