New Year's Is Not a Good Time to Get Pregnant


Do you know the real reason so many moms are staying home for a quiet New Year’s Eve? It’s not because they are “too tired” or “don’t have babysitters." It's because they're at home, gettin’ some. Research shows it's true: 9 percent of conception in the United States takes place in December, specifically between Christmas and New Years. 

It makes sense -- there's drinking, holiday joy, and hopefulness. And because it's cold and flu and sinus season, more people are taking antibiotics, which can render birth control useless. Of course we all get pregnant in December.

But, take it from me, December is not the month you want to conceive.

At some point in the next few days you will toast the New Year, likely with booze. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that for you, or baby-to-maybe-be, when you find out you are indeed pregnant, the mother guilt will immediately kick in and it will plant itself firmly in the back of your mind every time you have to take a test. “But I got smashed the next day” -- it haunted me. I was really smashed through the whole thing, hence the conceiving. It caused me stress is all I’m saying.

Then, you will have gained some weight -- but won’t be showing -- right around the time that you can start to peel off the layers and wear cute spring clothes. While everyone is pulling out their sundresses you will just look fat. Not cute and pregnant, just like you gained weight and shouldn’t be wearing those pants anymore. Annoying.

Also, everyone does everything in the spring! Weddings, graduations, showers, Easter, St Patrick’s Day -- and you won’t be able to drink. Or likely eat. Or, in my case, dance. During my pregnancy, all I wanted to eat was fruit and bagels -- what a waste! Who wants to go to fancy wedding and not eat or drink. And once my center of gravity moved I no longer knew how to dance, and my guy only dances at wedding so it is usually my only chance. Your friends should really postpone their life events until you have delivered but they won’t. Something about a deposit, yada yada.

And the worst of it, you will be pregnant for the whole summer -- the entire thing. And you will be in your last trimester so you will be hot and uncomfortable times 10. Did you know that when you are pregnant in the summer the summer takes 3 times as long? And that you will have no choice but to get in a bathing suit because you will be so hot and swollen that floating is the only joy you will feel. And you can’t eat hot dogs or go to outdoor concerts -- which is just a slap in the face really.

So beware this New Year’s Eve. Or be whatever you want to be, really. The upside is that the baby comes in the fall and the weather is perfect and you get to wear him/her and all their astonishing warmth to fall festivals and apple picking and you can throw a sweater on to hide your body while you get back to something that resembles normal and fall baby clothes are so cute. Oh and they will be too little to fuss about their Halloween costume! Fall is a good time to have a baby.

So be warned. I am going out this year. And not drinking or taking antibiotic. Been there, done that!

Did you get pregnant in December? Would you do it again?

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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I did, my son is a September baby. The end of the summer was pretty hellish but I had a maternity bathing suit and my condo complex has a pool so I spent much of my time bobbing about in there. The other stuff doesn't bother me at all. I don't drink, I don't eat hot dogs, I don't wear sun dresses. The only 'party' I missed was new years eve which I don't care about but my hubby invited a few people around. I crashed at 8pm anyway thinking I had the flu. It wasn't until a week or two later that I found out that the flu was a fetus.

MamaR... MamaRockett

Why not outdoor concerts?

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Im sure a few hot dogs r fine.... we had june babies.

nonmember avatar HS

I got pregnant in Jan. And I still attended all those events you claim suck while pregnant. I had a blast, actually :p. Went to weddings, proudly displayed my belly in a 2 piece @ the beach, ate to my heart's content (just didn't drink, cuz only lames feel the need to drink to have a good time). So, too bad for u but I had an awesome New Year's pregnancy!

nonmember avatar HS

And another thing, dressing n the summer with a pregnant belly is so much easier than having to buy a bunch of winter maternity clothes. Throw a strappy lil dress on with some flip flops and go. Easy peasy! Or a tank top and a pair of those flowy cotton pants that come to the knee and stretch easliy and confortably around ur curves.

nonmember avatar lucy

I totally got pregnant on New Years Eve. My son was born on September 23rd. I still ate hot dogs. Never looked fat. And the summer was one of the coldesy summers we've had in a long time. I did miss out on a fantastic bachlorette party, but I got over it. I would not do it again, only for the sheer fact that there are 4 birthdays in our family from the 23rd to the 29th. No more September birthdays. Working on a June baby now.

nonmember avatar gagesmama12

I didn't get pregnant in December, it was mid January. And all of these things are so true! The worst was going to a theme park and watching everyone else ride rides. But one good thing is that we only had to meet one insurance deductible because prenatal care and delivery were in the same calendar year! Haha

lindy... lindylouwho

As someone who has tried for 6 years to get pregnant (and finally am) I have to say I wouldn't give a flying f*ck when I got pregnant.  To not want to be pregnant because you can't drink at weddings or wear cute spring/summer clothes because your going to look fat is just plain stupid.  This whole article is annoying.  If you aren't ready to stop being so selfish for your unborn baby, now might not be the right time for you to become a mother.  I also love how you say fall is a great time to have a baby.  How on earth do you plan on having a baby in the fall if December (or January and February) is a bad month to get pregnant?  You don't make any sense!

divab... divababy3

I had my daughter in June and I loved being pregnant threw the winter and spring

Amand... Amandagrace79

I got pregnant in november and yes I would do it again! The summer if my favorite time of year and it was so much easier to find clothes to wear, in fact most of my pregnancy clothes weren't even maternity clothes. I loved it!

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