Woman Delivers Own Baby at Home With Help of Makeup Mirror

pink baby bootiesSo many of us think of birth as something that absolutely must take place in a hospital with a team of doctors around for intervention and to administer pain medication. Sometimes this is definitely the case, and medical intervention is needed. But there are times when birth, which is a natural and beautiful thing women can do, can be performed unassisted. Yes, you have to have a healthy pregnancy. But mama-to-be must also have absolute faith in her body and her ability to birth.

Which we should all have. You have faith in yourself for being able to use the bathroom, right? You pee and poo without any help most of the time. Birth is just another function our bodies can perform. Which is why I'm not too shocked when learning that a midwife delivered her own baby at home with the help of a makeup mirror. This wasn't in her birth plan -- she had her own midwife, but her baby came sooner than she expected. 


Claire Clarke-Wood, 28, had just finished a 13-hour shift at Croydon University Hospital in London. She said it was a busy day with a lot of moms having babies, but she didn't think it was her time since she was still three weeks away from her due date. She was having back pains, but she was working a long shift, so she thought nothing of it.

When she got home she was having some contractions but nothing severe or close together. She went to bed, but around 5 a.m., she woke up her husband Tim because those contractions were getting stronger. She decided to go into the bath and a bit later checked to see what was going on with her mother's little mirror. It was time!

She called her midwife, but baby wasn't going to wait. That's when Claire's midwifery experience took over -- she stayed calm, relaxed, and realized that yes she was scared but she knew she could do this. With her husband by her side and her mom's mirror helping them, she delivered a 6-pound, 12-ounce baby girl they named Esmay right there in the bathroom.

Okay so not every woman has midwifery training but every woman can educate herself on birth -- it's empowering. Our bodies can do amazing things. We just have to have faith in them. When you are pregnant, learn all you can -- relaxation techniques, HypnoBirthing, breathing exercises -- this way you can take the fear out of birth and have the best experience you can. Sure, not everyone is going to have an unassisted birth in their own bathroom, but staying calm and trusting your body will do wonders for you wherever you have your baby.

Do you think you would be this calm if it became go-time while you were at home?


Image via handmaidenbymaria/Flickr

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