Want to Get Pregnant? Here's How

So there I was, finally married, settled down into my very own home with my five-year old and my new husband and it was TIME. Time to get pregnant. Really, it was all I'd been working toward, what with my new nursing degree and stability.

I figured that after I'd gotten pregnant with my first son while on birth control, I'd be knocked up again in no time.

I was so beyond wrong.


Even knowing as much as I did about reproduction, I was still baffled by the whole "ovulation window" and all the products out there marketed to people who were trying to get pregnant like I was. Ovulation detector kits. Special lube. Fertility monitors. 

My head spun.

But I also learned some things I hadn't learned in school.

Doctors know their stuff. I thought I was so past a preconception visit to my OB/GYN. I mean, I was healthy, I felt fine, and shit, I'd gotten knocked up once without even trying. So why would I visit the doctor when I wasn't even sick? So I didn't. Until I still hadn't gotten pregnant after 10 months of trying. When I did see my doctor, I learned I had issues with my thyroid. The minute I went on synthetic thyroid hormone, I got knocked up. If I had visited the doctor right away, I could have avoided those months of weeping every time I got my period.

Cycles are confusing. A woman's cycle is measured from the first day of her menstrual period until the first day of her NEXT period. A cycle can last anywhere from 28-32 days, but can be much shorter or much longer. The window of ovulation (also known as her "fertile time") occurs between days 12-16 of her cycle - or 12-16 days after the first day of her period. The actual date and time of ovulation can be determined by tracking basal body temperature, monitoring temperature each day to look for a slight rise during ovulation. Get an ovulation kit to help you -- I recommend buying them online if you're planning to use them as they're costly in stores.

Don't stick stuff up there. There are lots of things you shouldn't do while trying to get pregnant -- things I'd never have thought of. You don't want to douche while trying to get pregnant. And if you use lubricant during sex, make sure to use one that won't affect your fertility (some do). I like Pre-Seed.

What tips and tricks do you have for conceiving?


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