5 'Stork Parking' Abuses Every Pregnant Woman Should Avoid


stork parkingLast night, I did something I never thought I'd do. I used Stork Parking. (It's cool, I'm pregnant.) The mall was packed; I had a bag full of returns; and it was pouring rain. It wasn't even an option.

Honestly, my usage of it felt earned. I'm almost six months along, and, before last night, it never even even crossed my mind to use it. Also -- humble brag here -- I stand up for the entire duration of my train commutes everyday. Not because I want to, because I'm yet to be offered a seat. But that counts for something, right? I haven't even given my belly an exaggerated rub in hopes that someone will notice that -- hello! -- there's a pregnant woman standing. Okay, I totally have, but that's neither here nor there. We're talking about Stork Parking. And how it's great for certain situations.

See, the benefit is definitely something that can be (and is!) abused -- by pregnant women. And it ain't cool. Here are five times it's not okay to use Stork Parking, ladies.


You just peed on a stick. Unless you're vomiting and nauseous, you have no business using Stork Parking if you just found out you're pregnant. You're fine. You're totally normal. The baby growing inside of you is about the size of a pea at that point. I seriously doubt the getting winded easily or backaches have set in yet.

The parking lot is empty. If there's no one else at the store you're going to, and said store has Stork Parking, you should skip it. One spot over won't kill you. And in the case that the place does fill up, it's nice to leave a spot for your fellow preggo.

You don't exercise. At all. Not to get all sanctimonious on you, but physical activity is good for you while you're pregnant. No, it's not fun. It never is! But being pregnant isn't an excuse to just let yourself go. Take care of yourself, eat right, work on your fitness a little bit. And if the only fitness you're getting is doing laps through the mall, why not throw in a little extra and park a bit further away?

You're with other people. Barring that you're feeling okay, there's no need to park in the Stork spots if you're out with others. Any bags or boxes you acquire during your jaunt can be carried by them.  And should be.

Another pregnant woman wants the spot. In the case that you ever find yourself in the rare situation of a pregnant lady parking stand-off, just let her have the spot. Why? Because you'll feel good about yourself for doing the right thing. And that's better than any parking lot to store distance. And who knows? Maybe your baby will pick up on what a kind soul her mommy is.

Do you use Stork Parking?


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MomoJL MomoJL

I've never used it.  Everytime I go to the store, I look for the "two toddlers and an infant" spot, but so far, it's a no go.

Stacey. Stacey.

PUHLEASE a mom w a newborn and toddler needs it more than a 6 month preggo. Besides, if you cant walk an extra 20 feet to get into a store you're going to be walking around in, then you should prob be at home on bedrest or in a wheelchair anyway.

bills... billsfan1104

I still think that we have become lazy. I get giving up your seat for a pregnant lady or the elderly. In fact, my kids are taught that they are not to take a seat and that the elderly or pregnant women come first. And same goes for sick or handicapped. Pregnancy and having toddlers is not a handicap. Its part of life. If you cannot walk extra steps, then you need to be on bed rest in the hospital.

hutch... hutchfam2007

I once parked in the Stork Parking when I wasnt pregnant... I felt terrible about it but I had a broken ankle and had just had surgery. I was on crutches and it was very difficult to get around. I had christmas shopping to do at the mall and wasnt technically handicapped so of course didnt have one of those rearview hanger things so couldnt park in the handicapped... I was very exausted by the end of my hobbling around the mall and was kinda glad I had a shorter distance to get back to the car but still felt bad the whole time I was in there... i kept looking for obviously pregnant women and was a little relieved I didnt see any.

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

I might take advantage of it in a couple of months (if I happen to see any stores around here that do it, which I haven't seen yet).  But for now, it is more imperative to me that I park next to the cart corrall so I can get my kids in and out of the cart easily.  And so I can put the cart back where it belongs without walking halfway across the parking lot. 

nonmember avatar Erica

My DAD used to abuse these spots. When I was younger, about 15, I'd go with him to get something we needed at home. "we're just gonna run in" He'd park there, to my protests. I didn't want people to think I was pregnant.

MrsSi... MrsSimonsen

Stacey needs to take some midol and chill out

SandM... SandMsMama

the only time I used the one at the commissary was when I was 5-9 months pregnant, my husband was deployed, and I had a 1 yr old to carry around. honestly I needed it more after my youngest was born, and I had a new born and an 18 month old. thank god for moby wraps!

Lucky... LuckyPlusOne

I totally took advatage when i was 7-9 months pregnant with my first. The mall where id walk had a ton of them and were always empty. It was 110 degrees out and while i needed to walk (in the air conditioned mall), that extra 5 minutes in the heat made my legs plump up like logs and sort of go numb. So yup. I parked there. And dont feel bad because there were 9 other empty spots every time i parked.

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