The 3 Rudest Things People Do to Pregnant Women


Being pregnant is pretty amazing, isn't it? The whole "glowing" thing kinda rules (if that happens to you - I only "glowed" after I vomited). Explaining why you're eating two cheeseburgers becomes a lot easier when you can say, "I'm eating for two!" And having a new life whirling around inside you, well, that's one of the most incredible feelings on the planet!

However, being pregnant comes with some pitfalls. Mainly, other people. Something about seeing a pregnant woman makes them think they can say and do anything they please.

Here are 3 of the rudest things people you know -- and people you don't -- will do while you're pregnant.


Rub Your Belly -- Without Permission. The most obvious of the pregnancy mishaps is the pregnant belly grab. Never before and never after did so many people come up to me and rub my belly. I understand the urge -- genuinely -- however, not once have I ever walked up to a stranger, grabbed their gut, and said, "IT'S SO MIRACULOUS." I'm not huge on personal space -- three kids who I'm convinced would climb back inside my uterus most days if they could have cured me of that. But to have your pregnant belly as public domain? Pretty sure I never signed up for that.

Preach About How to Raise Your Baby-to-Be. I don't mind talking about my kids. I don't mind talking about how I raise them, however, there comes a point. I'm not particularly interested in what you (or anyone else, for that matter) think about breastfeeding, natural childbirth, or baby-wearing. If I want your opinion, I'll politely ask for it. If I do not, well, that's because I'm not interested in getting into a debate about breastfeeding in the diaper aisle at Target. I do not know how many people thought that how I planned to raise the fetus considered it to be their business, but I know it is a lot. And frankly, it was altogether too much. It also, oddly, stopped, the moment I popped said fetus out.

Tell All Their Most Horrific Pregnancy Stories. I do not know how many stories I heard about how so-and-so's brother's baby died after (insert horrible story here). As a nurse, I realized every time that I was hearing something not entirely complete or factual, however, that didn't stop the seed from being planted in my pregnant brain. As someone who has many friends who have lost babies, I am completely aware of all that can go wrong in a pregnancy. It's a miracle any of us are walking around at all. But telling me tragic stories while I'm trying to get my grocery shopping done? That's just cruel. I ended up sobbing in the middle of the produce section I don't know HOW many times. Trust me, I didn't need ANY MORE reasons to cry. Pregnancy hormones are a nightmare!


What rude things have you experienced since being pregnant?


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LilMa... LilMama8808

Everytime I was pregnant I got very rude comments on how much BIGGER I was than they were.. I wanted to rip my hair out!! Who cares??? Haha as long as the babies were growing... I was too!!! I do NOT care how much weight I gained while 'brewing' them :D

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

I don't get #1 much, mostly because I broadcast "don't touch me" to anyone who is paying the least bit of attention.  But MIL's best friend started in on what I should and should not be eating or drinking, how I should sleep, etc.  I was ready to hit her.  And then the pregnancy/labor horror stories.  REALLY NOW!  I don't care who you know that had a uterine rupture, you are not going to talk me out of a VBAC.  I really don't care what your doctor told you or made you do 20+ years ago.  I've done my own research and have open conversations with my very knowledgeable OB.  I'm doing it my own way, not yours.

linzemae linzemae

My work friend is pregnant and everyone stares at her when we walk around! They don't even look in her eyes.... Straight to the baby bump. I hate when people comment on how big women are pregnant....

hutch... hutchfam2007

I just plain do not like the extra attention... I have a "bit" lol of social phobia, so having random ppl come up to talk to me and/or touch my stomach is not in the least appealing.... act like I am the normal person that I am and completely ignore me, like you likely would anyone else. thanks ;)

nonmember avatar K

DH and I found out we were expected immediately after we got engaged. We are not one of those that really feels there's any shame in having children out of wedlock, but some people are still turds. I went out late in my pregnancy and saw an old acquaintance who looked at me and exclaimed "I had no idea you got married!" I'm not d-bag lol

momav... momavanessa

The rub the belly thing doesn't bother me because strangers don't do that to me. So no issues there! I just hated how so many people I know got disappointed when they found out I was having another boy this last time I was pregnant when I was really happy about it! It's like be happy for me because I am!

HoytW... HoytWife09

I got harassed on a daily basis by my aunt about what I ate. "No processed sugars for my angel" she said. "I'll eat this whole damn cake if I want to." I said.

And the rudeness I got from complete strangers. "They'll do that at the hospital." I'm not going to the hospital. "Psh, whatever." 

Daily "You'll get the epidural, no way can you go natural, I didn't." "You're so tiny, you should eat more." "You're not breastfeeding, are you?"

PEOPLE are why I won't be having another child anytime soon. I never cried while pregnant, I straight up threatened people. I WILL embrass people, so I'm sure I'll end up in jail for strangling someone should I  get pregnant again.


nonmember avatar Ashley G

I had 3 kids, everyone askd me if they could touch my pregnant tummy... Uh are you related?... No thank you. The only ones allowed to touch me is my husband, kids, best friends, & parents. When people attemptd to speak about horror stories i'd tell them point blank to zip theyr lips. I lived 3 horror stories that ended as fairytales! But I dont go into it! The thing that bugged me the most was people not saying how big I was, cuz I never was big, it was in my 2nd trimester when they would say havnt u had that thing yet?... First of all its not a THING, its a BABY!!! Secondly im 4 months not 9 so dont rush me, especially when ive had 3 high risk pregnancies! I want the baby in as long as possible!

xanth... xanthian41691

I didn't really "pop" until my last couple months and before I was pregnant I was 140lbs, so I heard a lot that I "didn't look pregnant, just a little pudgy" -_-

andie... andiecheyenne

I got the horor stories all the time..

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