Mom Can't Stop Getting Pregnant No Matter How Much Contraception She Uses

Nicole Fabian-Weber

babyGemma Potter and her husband, Glenn, could be the most fertile couple in the entire world. I'm serious. The 23-year-old mother of three (currently pregnant with her fourth) has gotten pregnant seven times in the past five years, despite using pretty much every form of contraception under the sun -- condoms, the coil, progesterone injections, an implant. (Three of Gemma's seven pregnancies resulted in miscarriages.)

While having no difficulty whatsoever conceiving may seem like a dream to some, to Gemma, it's actually kind of a nightmare.

Not only can the couple not be intimate without it, you know, resulting in a child (they've only had sex three times since September -- while Gemma was on the pill -- and she's currently pregnant), their "condition" has had a huge impact on Gemma's social and professional life. She told The Sun, "I can’t stop getting pregnant. I love my children but I don’t want more. I can’t go out with my friends and have a drink, as I’m constantly pregnant. I’ve also missed out on having a job or any career." Doesn't sound very fun. But here's what I'm wondering: If the couple is 100 percent sure they don't want any more children -- which, that's how it seems -- why doesn't Gemma get a tubectomy, or Glenn have a vasectomy?

They've been spending lots of time, energy, and money on various forms of contraception -- not to mention the emotional toll the miscarriages must have taken -- why not just put an end to this "problem" once and for all? I fully understand that operations like these aren't something to be taken lightly, but Gemma said herself that she doesn't want any more kids -- and it seems that Glenn echoes her sentiment. Why not "fix" this and try to move on in life with their soon-to-be four children?

What do you think about this?


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