Is There a 'Best Month' to Get Pregnant?

pregnantYou can't always control when you get pregnant. Most of the time, it's just one of those when it happens, it happens kind of things. But if you could control it, if you could pick when your pregnancy was going to begin, when would you choose? And I'm not talking "what time in life"; I'm talking what time of year, what month.

I ask this because I'm pretty damn sure I know the ideal time.


August. And maybe September. I say this from experience, and from the only pregnancy I've ever intimately known -- my own. I got pregnant in August of this year (in France to boot -- woo-hoo French bebes!). It was planned. Hoped for. Sort of assumed. Partially because we thought it would be a fun story and give our child "cool points" for being conceived in another country. Partially because I had determined that it would be the perfect time of year to get pregnant. And so far, I think I'm right.

Hear me out. No walking around in 90+ degree heat with swollen ankles and 20 extra pounds on you. No having to stay indoors, bundled up, like a hermit when your baby is born -- the two of you can go for walks, sit outside, get a smoothie. And, if you're a working mom-to-be, like myself, dude, you get a portion of the summer off for maternity leave. Not a bad deal. The one thing I thought would be a "problem" was the whole dressing while pregnant in the winter thing (dresses and flip-flops are so easy), but, so far, it's actually been pretty easy, thanks to leggings, jeggings, big t-shirts, and comfy sweaters. 

Of course, planning out when one is going to get pregnant isn't always cut and dried -- and I'm sure there are wonderful things about being pregnant during other months and seasons. But when it's time for baby number two, this gal's going to (try to) stick to August, thankyouverymuch.

When do you think the best time to get pregnant is? When were you pregnant?


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