How to Wear a Baby Sling as Shown by a Hot Dad (VIDEO)


baby slingIf you're currently pondering the benefits of babywearing and wondering if a sling is the right thing for your family, watching the following video may just seal the deal for you. After seeing it, you may feel compelled to run, not walk, to your local baby store and register for one or just scoop one up then and there.

In the video, this subtly sexy Norwegian guy gives a demonstration on how to wear a baby sling. Without any words, he shows how to do it step-by-step from start to finish. It's actually as useful as it is entertaining to watch.

See what I mean? Totally hot and totally informative all in one video. And then there's the baby. If you don't melt when he kisses that baby, then I don't want to know what it takes to move you. It's sort of like a modern-day version of the iconic "L'Enfant" poster by Spender Rowell. As cheesy as it may be, there's just something about a man with a baby, and babywearing ups the game.

It's not fair I suppose that a woman donning a baby sling is just a woman donning a baby sling, while this guy doing is beyond hot. But it is, and, honestly, if it encourages more men to wear babies, then so be it. I think baby slings can often be intimidating to men, so seeing another dad do it so well will hopefully help some of them embrace the practice. Maybe this dude can do one on diaper changing next?

So if you're looking for a gift for the daddy-to-be this holiday season, this is one that will be enjoyed not just by him, but by the baby and mama as well.

Does your man do any babywearing? Does this make you want him to?

Image via YouTube

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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

You're right. I feel as if I just watched an adult video. Sooooo hot :)


 OMGosh! not only is he HOT! the fact that he can do this & KISSED his baby in the process got my hormones going !!!

Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

I think that's my new favorite video of all time. And also - THANK YOU, I never could figure out how to get my damned Mobi wrap to work properly!!!!! Next baby will be worn ALL the time. Excuse me I have to study that guy some more....i mean, how to wrap my sling...that's what I need to study. The sling wrapping.

(And the guy)

Gavin... Gavins_mommy21

nothing is hotter than a man taking care of his child, so sweet!

amand... amanda_mom89

Meh. The guy is's sweet he kissed the baby though.

My husband and I HATE slings. We use a front carrier instead. Actually, when we first started we would argue over who got to wear her. Lol

Amber... Amberleigh81

Hot! I need to show this to hubs... but try not to drool at the same time!

jalaz77 jalaz77

Awe that is cute. I laughed when he took the little arm and tucked it. Those wraps really are not great for a mobile child, they say they work up to 35 lbs, um no it does not, it is too stretchy and the kid tries to jump out of it, but I LOVED it when they were little little.

poshkat poshkat

soooo cute and hot! that cute little smile at the end! omg

Lynette Lynette

that is really sweet.  It's not a sling though, it's a wrap.  A moby wrap or maybe a sleepy wrap.  It can be used as a front carrier or back, you just put the baby in differently.  Also the way he wrapped it was fine for a newborn.  But from experience I want to say you pull the part that goes over the shoulders smoothall over the shoulder(instead of in a bunch), it distributes the weight better making it more comfortable.  I have baby worn with all 3 of my children.  My older 2 I used a baby bjorn that killed my back, shoulders, and was very bad for baby'ships(because it dangles child by there croch instead of supporting their hips & bum), I didn't know they were bad for baby's hips at the time.  Then for my 3rd child I had a Moby wrap, it was very comfortable for me and good the baby's hips.  I also had a ring sling but that hurt my body, although I did like it when DD was a toddler because it was so fast getting her up & down.  I am now pregnant w/ #4 and will baby wear again.  I plan to use my Moby wrap ALOT, and maybe look into an ergo carrier when summer hits(moby wrapis pretty warm).  It is so much nicer to wear your baby instead of carrying a infant carseat when running errands.  I even bought an oversized coat so I can pop baby in before we get out of the van(I put on the wrap at home) and pull the coat over baby to keep us both warm(I live in WI).

Lynette Lynette

And I have to be honest I don't remember ever letting DH baby wear.  I was a bit selfish, I just loved having the baby so close to me when out and about.

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