5 Perks to Being Pregnant (Besides, You Know, Getting a Baby)

pregnantLast night was our company holiday party, and I'm not gonna lie, not being able to imbibe while everyone around me was sucking down Coronas, and vodkas, and sweet, sweet pinots kind of sucked. Okay, it totally sucked.

I'm not a lush, but usually I like to get festive. Hell, I just like to have a drink once in a while. But you know what I realized this morning when I woke up refreshed with nary a headache or glassy eye in sight? Not being able to drink does have its perks. And you know what else? So does pregnancy in general.

Here are five bonuses to being pregnant. Besides, you know, getting a baby in the end.


No hangovers. Let's elaborate. Hangovers suck! Especially when you have to go to work with them. And to be totally forthcoming, at 32, my hangovers aren't quite what they used to be. They now linger, sometimes lasting almost two days. It's awful and terrible and I should totally avoid overserving myself. But, for some reason, at 32, I don't. Didn't.

Seats. Everyone wants to give the pregnant lady their seat. Be it in meetings, in a restaurant waiting for a table, or on the subway. Okay, I've still yet to experience the whole someone giving me their seat on the subway thing, thanks to my stupid puffy winter jacket, but I always make sure to give my belly a little rub and let out a sigh of relief if I sort of cut someone off to sit down.

No carrying heavy crap. This one is always a delightful surprise for me. Not that I'm often walking around carrying anvils and whatnot, but now, whenever I go to move a chair or a desk or whatever, everyone jumps up and offers to do it for me. I'm not quite sure it's all that necessary, but it's awfully sweet and chivalrous.

Hair. Typically, my hair sucks. And right now, it still sort of sucks. But less so. Pregnancy and the prenatal vitamins I've been taking really have made my thin, stringy tresses a little more tolerable. And shiny. Shiny is good.

Boobs! I have breasts now. Like, real breasts. I even had to buy a new bra the other day (happy day!). I've never had issues with my body, but I never felt, you know ... va-va-voom. I'm still no Sofia Vergara, but with what I've got going on on top right now, I think I may just have to rock me a v-neck wrap dress this Christmas.

What are other "perks" to being pregnant?


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