Fake Baby Bumps Are an Affront to Real Pregnant Women


pregnantJust when you thought planking and owling were the strangest fads you've ever heard of, along comes one that will blow your mind. In China, it seems fake baby bumps have become a hot seller, and women are shelling out the cash to get their own.

Starting at $80 and going up to as much as $250, they come in all sizes to represent various stages of pregnancy. So if one day you want to look like you're just starting to show and another you want to look like you're ready to pop, there's a fake belly bump for that. Yes, really.

According to shop owners, some are being purchased as jokes and some for performances, which is fine. But others are donning them to see what it's like to feel pregnant (sorry not even close) and others simply do so because they think they look cute. At first I kind of giggled about the absurdity of someone really donning such an item just for the sake of fashion, then I started to get kind of pissed.

Pregnant bellies are beautiful, sure, but they're a hard-earned privilege that shouldn't be anyone's for the taking just because they want to look like their favorite celebrity. Unless you suffer through morning sickness, breasts that feel like they're constantly being stabbed with needles, and a whole list of foods and drinks you have to avoid for almost a year, you don't deserve the belly.

Plus, it's already hard enough to get any special treatment as a pregnant woman in today's society. Gone are the days when doors automatically were opened for you and seats on subways were given to you without question if you looked to be with child. If this becomes a huge fad and spreads, then REAL pregnant women are going to be passed over for perks (or even just common courtesy) even more often because people will suspect we're big fakers -- just what pregnant women DON'T need.

At the very least, if they are going to be sold, they should also come along with some real heartburn, swollen ankles, and stretch marks. Plus, there should be a no-return guarantee of sleepless nights for at least a couple months after ditching the belly.

Earn your own bump or back away from the maternity wear, I say. I'm all for freedom of fashion, but this goes too far. The only good part of this fake baby bump trend is that the people crazy enough to partake in it aren't actually having really babies.

What do you think of a fake baby bump fad?

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Woodbabe Woodbabe

I think if this pisses you off,  you really need to get a life! :P

TC00 TC00

Although I think it's creepy I dont think your rant about how it's unfair to real pregnant women is appropriate.

bokus... bokusgirl

I think the crazies are going to be ready to emerge, Preggos better start carrying tasers or pepper spray.

Amy Knoch

um its china.  they're not exactly fashion trendsetters in teh world.. 


Queen... Queenfeld

I have a Great friend who can not have children, she now has a surrogate carrying her children for her (twins). I think Fake belly bumps would be easier, Then nobody would question why or how she suddenly has twins. Plus it might help her to feel like she was pregnant with them at the same time..who knows what everyones reason is, but who are you to judge and say people aren't deserving of the Belly???

shoef... shoefreak

**rolls eyes**
Really? We have some much going on and the OP has found the time to be offended by fake baby bumps?  

I'm going to go slide back into reality now where there are real problems and human offenses occuring.  

nonmember avatar LdyBugMama

At this point I'm too pregnant to care. : )

Latisha Moss

Ok being mad yeah kinda out there the real reason pregnant women dont get doors open for them anymore is becuase we have become so independent as women not because some want to look pregnant. What ever works for them.

baman... bamanda57

China has a one child policy, these women are obviously acting out what their hearts long for but their government prevents them from.  Too sad!

BabyW... BabyWillowsMama

I think it's just stupid. That's all I have to say.

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