5 Cheap Alternatives to a Babymoon

baby girl cakeWith all the big celebrities who are pregnant right now (Jessica, Beyonce, Kourtney), I almost forgot about Marla Sokoloff. You know her. She's done plenty of acting, but I'll always remember her roles as the adorable and bad ass friends of Stephanie Tanner in Full House and Claudia Salinger on and Party of Five respectively. Anyway, yeah, she's pregnant. And she recently wrote a lovely post for People regarding her pregnancy and her babymoon.

Yes, the babymoon. The latest craze to sweep the ever-growing business of pregnancy and babies. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great, and I would totally go on a babymoon of my own if I could afford it. But, alas, I can't. So, my husband and I are making the most of our dwindling baby-free days by doing these cheapo things.


Cooking elaborate meals. Back when we first got together, this was something my husband and I did often. We'd leisurely troll the aisles of Whole Foods, then come home, open a bottle of wine, put on some music, and cook. We'd usually wind up eating dinner at around 10:30, but it was great. Then, somewhere along the way, we stopped doing this on a regular basis. So, we're back at it again. Because I don't think a crying, pooping bundle of joy will really be conducive to this.

Going out to the movies. We love the movies. And I'm sure we'll be watching tons of them on our DVD player once baby comes, but it's just not the same as going to the movies. Especially the popcorn part.

Seeing our childless friends. Of course, they'll still be our friends after we have kids, but from what everybody tells me, they're probably not going to want to hang out with us quite as often. At least not with our baby. And I really can't blame them. Other people's children are adorable and all, but they're a far cry from long, uninterrupted dinners and wine-filled nights.

Spending money on ourselves. Yes, we're saving for our daughter, but every now and then, we -- actually, I should say I -- make it point to indulge a little bit on ourselves. I'm not talking crazy, big ticket items here, I'm talking a purse from H&M or fancy body lotion. I still feel the slightest bit guilty spending money on that kind of stuff, but something tells me I'd feel a whole lot guiltier if I were doing it after the baby was born.

Sleeping in. Going to bed early. Taking naps. Whatever. As long as it's quiet and we have our eyes shut, we're happy. 'Cause we know it won't be like that for long. But that's okay.

What did you indulge in before you gave birth? Anything you wish you'd done before having kids?


Image via GraceFamily/Flickr

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