Will I Neglect My Dog After Baby Is Born?

cutest dog in the world
Hey, buddy! My adorable doggie.
I know it's silly, but it's something that I think about often: What will my dog's life be like after I have my baby? For the past three years, a 12-pound shih tzu named Onion has been the center of my and my husband's life. He sleeps in bed with us. He sits on the couch with us when we watch TV. He even perches himself on the driver's lap during car rides -- and we think it's cute and perfectly safe. It's sick, I know; I'm fully aware that my husband and I are the architects of this whole spoiled puppy mess. But that doesn't make the fact that we're pretty much screwed once this baby comes any easier.


It stresses me out and it breaks my heart. When I'm reading in bed at night and look over at my sweet, sleeping pup crawled up against me, I almost get a little teary-eyed. And then my mind starts going, which is never a good thing. He feels so safe and loved and perfect with us now. How could I be so cruel as to take any part of that away from him?

I know to some, I probably sound like a crazy person right now -- particularly to those who don't have animals. But the fact is, as loony and nauseating as it sounds, Onion is part of our family. A big part. And we'd feel terrible if his "feelings" were hurt.

My husband has already suggested putting him on the floor in his dog bed at night, as opposed to in our bed, since there will be a baby in our room, also. That's not happening. But things are about to get a little crowded. I know Onion. He's a curious guy. And when I'm up feeding my daughter in bed in the middle of the night, he's going to want to know what's going on and whether or not he can, somehow, turn whatever I'm doing into a game. A tail-wagging, barking game.

Like with everything pertaining to having a child, I'm hoping we'll just figure it out. (You do figure mostly everything out, right?) If we have to make some changes to Onion's cush lifestyle, so be it. But he'll always watch TV with us. And there will never be a dog bed on our bedroom floor.

Any tips for bringing a baby into a dog/cat-friendly home?

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