I Don’t Look Pregnant, Just Like I’m Getting Fat

jessica simpsonWhile perusing photos of Jessica Simpson and her cute baby bump in a tight red dress this morning, I grew a bit sad. And a bit jealous. See, I, too, am pregnant (four and a half months today -- woo-hoo!), but I would look positively ridiculous in such an outfit. Because I don't look hard-core pregnant, per se. But I don't look hard-core un-pregnant either. I actually just look like I'm pregnant with a burrito or two.

I'm at that weird in-between stage that everybody talks about. My clothes are growing snug. My stomach's no longer flat. And I just don't look like myself.

But, still, strangers wouldn't know I'm pregnant. And it's getting frustrating.


Getting dressed each day is getting interesting. This morning, I put on a sweater I hadn't worn yet this year, a sweater that used to be kind of loose on me, and it was snug. Really snug. But still, I didn't look like a pregnant woman. Just like a woman who ate way too much over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I've been longing for a belly since I found out I was pregnant -- I felt like it would make everything all the more "real." But now that I have one, a little one, I just want the whole kit and kaboodle, or my pre-baby belly, 'cause this is-she-or-isn't-she business isn't my idea of fun. I'm not yet ready for maternity clothes and my regular clothes just don't look the same.

My remedy? Baggy shirts. Luckily, I'm typically a baggy shirt/layering-clothes kind of gal to begin with, but right now, they're life-savers. Oversized flannels, loose fitting t-shirts, and big comfy sweaters (yay for winter!) are all my best friends at this juncture. With, of course, skinny jeans. I will wear skinny jeans -- somehow, someway -- until the moment I give birth. God willing. Oh, and heels don't hurt either -- even small ones -- so I don't feel, you know, too schlumpy.

Before I know it, though, I'll have a bump. A real one. I'm predicting sometime shortly after the holidays. And I'll get to enjoy all the smiles and maternity clothes my heart can handle. Until then, though, it's baggy shirt city. Frustrating baggy shirt city.

How did you deal/dress during your "in between" stage of pregnancy?


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