How to Avoid Giving Your Baby a Stripper Name

baby in bikiniNames hold a lot of meaning and often evoke strong images of the person who bears them before we ever see a face. Our associations with names aren't always accurate, of course, but they certainly set the stage for the opinions we form about those we meet throughout our lives.

So there's a lot of pressure put upon expecting parents. Everyone wants to find that perfect baby name, unique, but not too crazy, meaningful, but not too big to bear, and most importantly -- not one that sounds like a stripper. No offense to the hardworking strippers out there, but I'm guessing even they would agree that it's not their first choice of an occupation for their offspring.

But unless you visit strip joints frequently, how exactly do you know what connotes a stripper name? I mean Destiny is a lovely name, but ... it's definitely been around the pole a time or two. Here are a few tips to help you avoid stripper-sounding names for your child.


1. Google It

According to a recent New York Times article, the majority of parents now Google a name before they bestow it on their child. If pictures of scantily clad women come up, that's a clue you might have picked a stripper name.

2. If it involves the street you grew up on or the name of your childhood pet, avoid it.

Case in point, I would be Taffy Locust or Spanky Galloway. Ahem.

3. Ask People

If you have your heart set on a name and aren't going to change your mind no matter what, then don't ask. But if you truly want to know, then do. One thing is sure -- people are not shy about giving their opinion on baby names.

4. Just think twice about any of the following names:


If your child's name does happen to have a stripper-like sound, fear not. It certainly doesn't mean he or she will be become one. It just means they won't have to pick a stage name if that's the career path she chooses.

Does your child have a stripper-sounding name? Do you care?

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