Dads Belong at Baby Showers


dads at baby showersAre you pregnant? Are your lady friends planning a big pink or blue bash in your honor? That is super nice, and you should thank those gals for making the effort. But why not slip your partner's name into the mix when they ask you to provide an invite list? After all, he's responsible for half of that baby's DNA in there. Why can't he celebrate? Or be celebrated?

In fact, including the menfolk into the baby celebration just might be the best way to start your family off on the right foot, moving forward instead of staying stuck in the dark ages.

If we really want dads to be involved, it's a great idea to actually act like he played a role in this whole impregnation process. After all, it's super real to you, the lady who is getting sick, huge, and feeling your baby kick around in there. But it can be difficult for your other half to fully realize the enormity of the situation since he's not the one with the hemorrhoids. Shutting him out of the baby shower will not help.

We want our modern men to be good dads, which means involved dads. Which means able to change a diaper, and realize when one needs to be changed. Able to comfort a crying baby in the middle of the night, and to be truly tuned into your child's needs. Letting go of the idea that a baby shower is for women only, will go a long way in gender equality in the family. Also, you don't want to be the only one subjected to obnoxious baby shower games. You're in this together, let it start at the baby shower.

Did you have your husband/partner at your baby shower?


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xanth... xanthian41691

My husband was at our baby shower :) along with his dad, grandfather, guy friends (and their girlfriends), etc. We had plenty of guys there

Deweymom Deweymom

Yes. I didn't want the "typical" shower with women sharing birthing horror stories and bad party games. Thankfully the hosts of my shower understood and invited all the men as well. It was a nice brunch...and I didn't have to sit there alone opening a pile of gifts.

Samantha Wortham

I had a co-ed baby shower. I think it only worked because there was a ton of beer. LOL. Most men do not want to sit around at a baby shower so we styled ours more like a regular party. The men had some beers and then had a blast playing the games, which they totally rocked at! Then we quickly opened presents before the guys got board. It was so funny. It was fun but not for everyone. I don't think the men would have been happy to be there if there had not been booze. Just sayin.

kebrowni kebrowni

yep, my husband was there as well as many other guys (dad, father-in-law, uncles, friends, etc.). I agree with you-- it's part his kid, too!

sunny... sunnytxmom

Dads should definitely be there!

nonmember avatar moe

we are doing a co-ed one. I don't like regular showers (does anyone?) I mean, pink streamers and chocolate bars melted in diapers are awesome and all....but yea. I just want to have a party.

boseph boseph

My boyfriend was at our babyshower. Not very many of the males we invited showed up so he was out on the back patio with my dad and brother in law the whole time drinking beer but they did play a few games and he helped me open presents. It is nice to be able to share the memories from that day with him.

Jennifer Gudgeon Glancy

Not only was my wonderful hubby there, but my dad too! It was great!

butte... butterflymkm

No but only because I had it in my home state and he stayed here to paint the baby's room. My dad and my grandpa were there though.

sara_... sara_7106

Yes, my dh was there :)

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