Dads Belong at Baby Showers

dads at baby showersAre you pregnant? Are your lady friends planning a big pink or blue bash in your honor? That is super nice, and you should thank those gals for making the effort. But why not slip your partner's name into the mix when they ask you to provide an invite list? After all, he's responsible for half of that baby's DNA in there. Why can't he celebrate? Or be celebrated?

In fact, including the menfolk into the baby celebration just might be the best way to start your family off on the right foot, moving forward instead of staying stuck in the dark ages.


If we really want dads to be involved, it's a great idea to actually act like he played a role in this whole impregnation process. After all, it's super real to you, the lady who is getting sick, huge, and feeling your baby kick around in there. But it can be difficult for your other half to fully realize the enormity of the situation since he's not the one with the hemorrhoids. Shutting him out of the baby shower will not help.

We want our modern men to be good dads, which means involved dads. Which means able to change a diaper, and realize when one needs to be changed. Able to comfort a crying baby in the middle of the night, and to be truly tuned into your child's needs. Letting go of the idea that a baby shower is for women only, will go a long way in gender equality in the family. Also, you don't want to be the only one subjected to obnoxious baby shower games. You're in this together, let it start at the baby shower.

Did you have your husband/partner at your baby shower?


Image via clevercupcakes/Flickr

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