Gray-Haired Moms Are on the Rise

gray hairCall it the rise of the gray-haired mommy -- or just call it interesting. Even as the overall birth rate has dropped across various segments of the U.S. population in the last few years, according to a new report from the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention, it has gently climbed in one category: women over 40.

It looks like the economic worries that have kept a lot of younger women from having childrenin recent years have not prevented older moms from taking the parental plunge. After all, they can't very well put it off indefinitely. But I think there's more to it than just biological clocks ticking louder than recession spending alarms.


More and more of us women are making a conscious decision to wait to have kids -- not just suddenly remembering that we forgot to have children, panicking and cramming it in at the last minute. Developments in the areas of medical technology and fertility treatments have made it possible for us to have healthy babies safely at a much older age, and we're taking full advantage of our expanded timeframe.

More and more of us are choosing to max out our pre-children years – spending our 20s and 30s focusing on advancing our educations and careers, traveling, focusing on our personal and professional growth, enjoying leisure time with families and friends – before committing ourselves to parenthood and all that it entails. By entering the baby phase on our own timelines and on our own terms, we are able to do so with full dedication and a sense of stability that some of us may not have had in our younger years.

Those of us who wait to have kids until we see our 20s -- and in growing number, our 30s -- in the rear-view mirror may gripe about not having as much energy as our younger pals on the playground, but we're embracing our parenting years with a lots of life experience under our belts. That counts for something. Actually, it counts for a lot.

So here's to the rise of the gray-haired moms. They may be tired, but they're happy.


Image via jennalex/Flickr

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