Pregnant Mom's Wacky Attempt to Get Labor Started Is a Must Watch (VIDEO)

dancing pregnant mom

Get a bunch of moms in the room with a heavily pregnant woman, and they start talking about how close to their due date they popped. It's usually pretty even split between "I went early" and "OMG, I thought I'd never evict that parasite from my uterus" (hey, if you weren't overdue, don't judge, you don't know the half of it!). No matter what the old lady at the grocery store tells you, there is no real method to an arriving baby's madness. But that doesn't stop pregnant moms from trying to move things along. And thank goodness, because a mama-to-be of twins Wes and Isaac made a YouTube video about getting the party started that made me scream, "YES! I so get what you're talking about!" 

This is dedicated to all those ladies who saw their due date come and go, and wondered if having sex while drinking castor oil and pounding Mexican food would be the only way to make that kid arrive:

Honey, all I have to say is I am in awe! Forty-plus weeks pregnant, with twins no less, and she could move like that? I was only carrying one little dumpling, and by week 38, I was beginning to resemble a slug who had swallowed a basketball and had enormous cankles. As much as I wanted to do certain things to get the contractions going, I just didn't have the energy.

This mama, on the other hand, not only rocked it with some seriously adorable dance moves, but two days later, she had a natural, unmedicated hospital birth. HERO!

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