The 10 Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names of 2011 (So Far)


baby namesWhat is it with celebrities and baby names? While the rest of us gravitate towards classics like Jacob, Ethan, Michael, Isabella, Sophia, and Emma, famous actresses, musicians, and sports figures tend a bit more toward the (how to put it delicately?) unusual.

Case in point: The British soccer star who just named his son Trendy. The Peterborough United defender Gabriel Zakuani has explained that, yes, it had something to do with "'trending topics' on Twitter," but mostly it was because his wife works in the fashion industry. (Please, no one tell him that by their very definition his kid's name will soon go out of style -- if, in fact, it was ever in style.)

But little Trendy Zakuani is hardly alone on the weird baby name front. This year alone has brought a bumper crop of cute celeb-spawned kids with peculiar names.

Here are the 10 weirdest celebrity baby names for 2011 (so far):

1. Bear Blu Jarecki: Clueless star Alicia Silverstone named her son, born in May, a name that's adorable ... for a dog or a favorite stuffed animal.

2. Diesel Dean Daigle: Did Olympic softball star Jennie Finch and her husband, Casey Daigle, name their son, born in June, after an engine or a brand of jeans? Were they inspired by celebrity offspring like singer Toni Braxton's Diezel or Frank Zappa's Dweezil? Or were they just looking for a name that would fit right in with their elder son's moniker, Ace Shane?

3. Phyllon Joy Gorre: You might have guessed that the name Dutch Victoria's Secret model Doutzen Kroes and her DJ husband Sunnery James gave their adorable son, born in January, was, if peculiar here, common the Netherlands. Nope, pronounced "Fillen," as in "fill in the blanks," it's actually just the male version of the name ... Phyllis.

4 and 5. Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon: As if it weren't questionable enough that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon named one of their twins, born in April, after the Moroccan-themed décor in their New York City apartment, they have nicknamed them (wait for it) Roc & Roe. No, seriously!

6. Aleph Portman-Millepied: Yes, the name of Natalie Portman and dancer fiance Benjamin Millepied gave their son, born in June, is Aleph, which is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. To be fair, though, Portman was born in Jerusalem to an Israeli father and American mother, so at least she has a genuine cultural claim to the name.

7. Kase Townes Murray: The singer Jewel and her professional bull-rider husband, Ty Murray, gave their son, born in July, the name Kase -- that's presumably pronounced "Casey." Not one for the creative spelling, myself.

8. Bingham Hawn Bellamy:
Actress Kate Hudson and her rocker husband Matt Bellamy named their son, born in July, after relatives, which is sweet, but I dunno, I'm not feeling "Bingham."

9. Abraham Selassie Robert Nesta Marley: Nothing specifically wrong with the names Ziggy Marley and his wife Orly Agai selected for their son, born in January -- it's the sheer number of names that's alarming. Anything over three or four names just seems like overkill.

10. Journey Jameson Gomez: Admittedly, with a father named Taboo (of the Black Eyed Peas), I guess this little boy, born in April, could have had an even weirder moniker. His name continues a family J theme: brothers Jimmy Jalen and Joshua, mom Jaymie, and dad (real name) Jaime.

What do you think of these celebrity baby names?

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Amber Marie Tincher

Ok So I do not see a problem with these names. my kids' names are Destiny, Veroniq'ue and Kiara May. Destiny was a pretty name til she was a new years baby and everyone thought I named her that because of her being a new years baby. Veroniq'ue is the french version of Veronica, and Kiara May is just cute it is pronounced Key-air-ah.

Beani... BeanieBlue

"Moroccan" drives me NUTS! I wish they'd named him Morocco!

Moroccan is a girl and I think it cute :-) Odd...but cute!  I also like the name Monroe...but I wouldn't give it to one of my kiddos....only because when I hear/see the name, I instantly think of a sweet, dorky geek!! lol

Jenny Ruchert Børding

TO each their own, personally like creativity and not using names over and over, Like John Robert, James, Mary. I like most of the names mentioned in the article personally. We are an international couple living in a rural state, so when Danish names for our children, my family did not get it, or know how to pronounce, the first names are pronouncable, but not common. and my only daughter was tagged with several names that blended together, almsot did not fit on the birth certificate form, and only 3 came on the SS card! people can be silly, what seems unusual today was common last century or in europe, or in japan, and what is common today will be unusual to many tomorrow!

Jenny Ruchert Børding

we figured she is the last so  Iwanted to honor all those people with her name and that is why I went for that many names for our daughter

rains... rainskisses

I love. that people are such cynics when it comes to what OTHER ppl name their kids. How about... My daughters are Gabrielle & Cierah.......... Some random person on cafemom years ago, asked why I would name my daughters something 'hispanic'. I don't know who should be offended, me for someone telling me what my daughters names sounded like... or someone who actually IS hispanic. as if a name should be something specific to appeal to your kinder opinions. btw, I love Mariah's babies names. They're different. If you want to think of something rediculous for the names they actually decide to use, then you're no better then kids who pick on others, and they learn it from their parents.

Tracy Hallenbeck

My three daughters names are different, Journey-Lynn 22, Luxana Lin 17, and Kira Lyn 5. My girls have grown up strong free-willed woman,at least two have. Teachers and school offical and some family hate their names, however as their parent we wanted children with freedom and choice of what they wan out life,some of the above names are crazy, but it the family choice.


I have no problems with any of these names. What drives me nuts is when people want a common name but then spell it all different. I know someone who named their son Jose but spelled it Hose. Now if i was a dr or nurse calling this patient back i would automatically say water hose. Our daughters named is Gabriella Antonia and she has a really spanish last name. I pronounce her name in Spanish others dont shes normally just Gabbi but it fits her perfectly and both of us loved. Now somethung else that bothers me, but not to the point where i bash their names, is when someone doesnt stay true to their heritage, race, etc. Like because im hispanic, ny family is hispanic, etc. I was not gonna name my kid Brayden or Skyler. I mean those are beautiful names but not names that IFEEL are true to my race or heritage. When we have our son his name will be Emiliano Antonio and we both not only love the name but are staying true to who we are

nonmember avatar K

Roc&Roe,wtf?Is this a boat or a new clothing line to compete wit Jays Roca Wear? lol

bluey... blueyedalls

Not really your business what others name their children. All of my children's names have meaning. Two are traditional names; Ethan and Hannah, and two are "non-traditional" Melainie and Kire'. I don't care who likes them and who doesn't. Melainie is Irish and Kire' is her daddy's name spelled backwards. (and no, Melainie is not Melanie, does not sound the same.... note the extra i that gives it the long "a" sound.) Ethan is for my mom Edith Ann... and Hannah in the bible was infertile and we were told we were then God gave us her. :) I love my children's names and yes I have been given slack for their names and/or spelling. But when it has deep meaning for our family it does not matter what others think. They are MY kids not yours. Melainie is an adult now and has never had issues other than people who can not read calling her Melanie. She loves her name and it fits her unique personality, and the way Kire' is going even at 6 she is going to be just as unique and outgoing so I am sure her name is a perfect fit as well.

Cosmi... CosmicPossum

You may be assuming wrong when you think Kase is pronounced's probably just Kase like Case.  Not a weird name to me.  And what's so wrong with Journey?  I see worse than that every day on CM!

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