20 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

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pregnancy womanAt no time in my life have I ever fielded as many ridiculously horrible comments from strangers as I did when I was pregnant. It's like everyone and their sister had to come up to me and make absurdly awful comments -- the sorts of things you should never say to ANYONE, let alone someone hormonal and pregnant.

So, now that I'm no longer hormonal or pregnant, I've compiled a list of the most wicked things people said to me while I was pregnant.

1. Are you SURE you're not carrying twins?

2. Wow ... you're taking this whole 'eating for two' thing to a new level, aren't you?

3. Be happy you only have morning sickness. It was much worse for me.

4. So you're due next week, right? Oh ... you're only three months along? Well. I guess pregnancy looks different on everybody.

5. I was in my size 4s after delivery!

6. Oh, be careful. I had a friend whose friend whose cousin had a baby with [insert horrible complication here]. Let's hope YOUR baby doesn't have it.

7. You ARE breastfeeding, aren't you?

8. You AREN'T breastfeeding, are you?

9. Labor was the most intense, grueling pain I've felt in my entire life. I'd rather die than go through labor again.

10. My friend's cousin's friend's mother nearly died in labor. Actually, maybe she did die. Or it was a plot on Melrose Place. I can't remember.

11. You should REALLY look into birth control.

12. Let's hope he doesn't get your husband's nose. Sheesh! What a honker that is!

13. Um, that was the name I was going to use for MY baby even though I'm not pregnant. You can't use it. Ever.

14. You think you're not sleeping now? HA! Just WAIT until the baby gets here.

15. Well *I* was still running 60 miles a week when I was x far along.

16. I only gained 10 pounds during my entire pregnancy.

17. I breastfed those extra 10 pounds right off!

18. How dare you complain about not feeling good. Didn't you WANT to be pregnant?

19. My labor only lasted 15 minutes. I think it was because I was in such great shape after running 60 miles a day.

20. So, how DO you get your shoes on?

Your turn! What horrible things did people say to you while YOU were pregnant?

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MamaM... MamaMendoza2631

Another thing you shouldn't do to a pregnant lady......touch/rub her belly without permission! I hated when random people would touch my bell without asking LOL.

I hated when friends and family would say things like "you shouldn't eat this or that" REALLY I'm the pregnant one and I can eat what I please LOL. I say NEVER come in between a pregnant woman and her food. NEVER!!!! =)

kebrowni kebrowni

When I was 5 months pregnant, my husband's cousin (who is a twig) walked up to me on CHRISTMAS EVE and all she said to me me was, "WOW you got fat!" Nothing else. Not even "congratulations on the pregnancy" or "how are you feeling?" I guess I'm mean because I'm really looking forward to her getting prego so I can say the same thing. Oh, a lot of people also said, "you must be having a girl!" because of the horrendous acne I got; nope, I had a boy.

nonmember avatar britni

I'm eleven weeks pregnant with my second.... I'm generally very small in size so any weight shows. Ive been asked if I'm having twins or even triplets. One person even asked if I was due before the new year.

jujub... jujubear1

I had a customer who asked me who the lucky dad was.  He came in nearly every day and I know he had to have seen that ring on my left hand at least once!  I think he was the reason I was so reluctant to stop wearing it when my fingers got so swollen I thought I was going to have to cut it off.

Erika Owen-Diamond

When I was a few days away from delivery I had a newly pregnant friend come up and say " O my gosh..I hope I don't get that big" That was the worst for me! Rest assured I saw her at wal-mart when she was full term,i was back down in my original size, and she was much bigger! Points for me! :-)

Lisa Darnley Nice

Can I touch your belly?

If you know me that well, you don't have to ask. If you have to ask, the answer's NO!

Brittany Dawson

"Do you need me to move the seat back or can you fit into the front seat with the way it is?"

Sandy Ottersbach

I think my mother in-law said almost everyone of those...grrrr

Jessica Utell

bahahaha, funny stuff. I *HATED* when people told me 1. to breastfeed, 2. that labor was the most horrible pain everever and it sucked so bad yada yada, their vajaj tore in 50 different places, it looked like a murder scene, 6 inch needle in their spine, 60 hours straight of pushing, etc., 3. to "just wait" until she gets here bc I'll be getting no sleep or peace, 4. to stop watching what i eat bc I'm pregnant and therefore allowed to gorge myself on treats, 5. stop drinking lattes (my #1 craving), 6. stop my exercise routine, 7. don't get stressed out, it harms the baby, 8. multiple diagnoses on what's wrong with my fetus and why I'm likely to miscarry.

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