Sex of Beyonce’s Baby Revealed With Ridiculously Lavish Gift


crystal bathtubIt's a given that Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby is going to be one of the most spoiled children ever to crawl the Earth. Not because his or her parents are out of touch with reality, because they're stupid rich dagnabbit and so are their friends -- why shouldn't that tyke be spoilt to the core? The latest gift bestowed upon Baby Z? Oh, it was just a $5,200 pink Swarovski crystal bathtub from pal Kelly Rowland, because, oops, she accidentally revealed the sex of the couple's baby. 

Now, I'm not much of a "crystal" girl, so even if I had Bey and Jay cash, not so sure I would buy something like this, but this lavish pre-baby present did get me thinking about my own eventual baby shower and what I should register for. Is all of this crap really necessary?

To be honest, the thought of having a baby shower has always terrified me. Not because I don't like gathering with friends in pretty dresses, eating delicious food, and opening up gifts. Because I have no idea whatsoever what the hell I'm supposed to get my unborn child. What's essential for baby? What's non-essential for me? It seems like shower gifts have gotten more and more elaborate over the years. And it seems like a lot of gifts are really more for the mommy than for the baby. Case in point: A crystal-encrusted baby tub.

To my knowledge, Beyonce didn't register or ask for this ridiculous ostentatious gift for her child (though I'm sure she doesn't hate it), so it seems like a bit of an odd thing to give her as a baby gift, because, after all, I'm sure her little girl -- yes, Beyonce's having a little girl -- would be just as happy being washed in the sink. The fancy-shmancy tub is for Beyonce. And for Kelly. Who can now say she's given her friend one of the most luxuriant presents of all time.

I don't think there's anything wrong with cute baby onesies or the most beautiful crib a whittler has ever whittled. But I do think it's important to remember that such gifts are for you, not your baby. After all, the only thing they need is you.

That said, I still have no idea what the hell to register for!

What were some of your newborn essentials? What were things you're sorry you registered for?


Image via The Diamond Bathtub


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Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

You will have laundry up to your eyeballs. The sad thing is though, baby outgrows all of those clothes very quickly, so it's always good to have clothes up to 6-9m when expecting. That way, you don't have to constantly shop for baby clothes!

We never used the "baby towels", Bumbo, or the baby carrier. The towels are too small, the Bumbo made baby cry, and the baby carrier looks stupid and it's too hot here to have someone strapped to my torso, and I didn't want wrinkled clothes.

I used all throughout my pregnancy. It's an awesome and helpful site. There is also another site called, which I didn't find out about until after baby was born.

Both sites have helpful checklists and feedback from real moms.

Kritika Kritika

Ok wait is it a baby tub or an actual tub to be installed in the baby's bathroom? Cause if it's the latter, then maybe Beyonce is decorating and/or remodelling for the baby's nursery/bathroom and it's actually the perfect gift.

white... whitebreads

Alphamom blog helped me get my registry down perfectly. Really breaks it down easily. Check it out:

white... whitebreads

Also registries are weird. You register online and half the stuff isn't available in store and theres always the half of your family that doesn't believe in online shopping for whatever the hell reason. I ended up with some things I asked for and mainly wads of cash which I promptly used to buy my big ticket items like my favorite quinny buzz travel system, angel care monitor, closed system ameda double breast pump, pack n play, etc. The one thing I didn't register for because I was told I would get tons of and didn't were receiving and swaddle blankets which I will end up needing.

Emma Graham

I kind of love that tub, I have an all black, white and pink French-themed bathroom. That tub would be perfect! If only I had registered for it for my wedding. lol In all honesty, I wish I hadn't registered for a Moses basket or a baby tub. Little man took baths with me or in the sink, and stayed in the Moby wrap most of the time.

Alexandrea Goff Dahlstrom

The boppy and my nursing cover where must haves and soo essential and used all the time! Those covers for grocery carts? Never ever used. Not once and I have two kids. Crib bumper as now I realize how unsafe they are. We also registered for on of those Eddie Bauer portable infant beds. Both boys hated it. And I know most people swear by it but I really hated our diaper genie. It still smelled and I was changing the bag all the time and I hated the idea of a bunch of poopy diapers in the house. I much rather just put them into the outside trash right away. Baby sock!! Wish I registered for more! Where do they go?

nonmember avatar tabatha osborn


butte... butterflymkm

Don't bother registering-actually do to get the free gifts and discounts you get for registering-but in all reality most people won't bother to look at the damn thing and will just get you what they want to get you. Kool thingwhen I was preggo I registered at babies r us and they send a coupon after your due date for 20% off all the stuff you didnt recieve off your registry. Go an register for A TON of diapers and save yourself some dough. Other than that-diapers-the people who give diapers in various sizes are your friends. You can always exchange the diapers for whatever size you end up needing (if for instance your baby comes out as a 1 and you have several packs of newborns). Also plain cheap onesies (think walmart cheap multipacks here) in newborn-and 3-6 (again keep reciepts in case you need to exchange!) you will be using these like crazy and once you experience your first super poop, the kind that requires you to cut the onesie off so the child doesn't get poop on their face from you trying to pull it up over their head? You will be so thankful for those cheap-enough-to-toss outfits.

Amanda 'Panda' Borton

The most useful things for a newborn were a bassinet, the gowns that had the open bottom for easy diaper changes, and a Boppy. [Aside from the obvious diapers and wipes.] We had a diaper party before our little man was born. We got a keg from a local liquor store, and just had people bring diapers as their entrance fee. We got over $300 worth in diapers. I had to buy one pack of newborn diapers by the time my boy was 9 months old. It was fabulous.

Kediset Kediset

. . pretty tub. nice color

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