Latest News On Pregnancy Stress Is Stressing Me Out!

pregnantPregnancy is stressful. Even when it's not, it is. What I mean by that is even during those times that I'm feeling zen as can be, I could potentially freak out at a moment's notice if it suddenly dawns on me that -- oh yeah, I'm having a child.

And it's not just the whole creating another human being thing that's stressful. It's all the information. Too much information. I feel like even if I'm not intentionally doing research, I somehow happen to stumble upon intel that, often sanctimoniously, informs me of what I should be doing, what I definitely shouldn't be doing, and what the latest study says. It's harshing my mellow -- which actually kind of sucks because what the latest latest study says is: Being stressed out during your pregnancy can actually shorten your child's lifespan. Awesome.


Scientists at the University of California at Irvine recently did some research as to what makes certain people live longer than others, and what they found was that some people just get the short end of the stick -- starting in the womb.

Here's the quick science of it: The researchers recruited about 100 volunteers in their 20s, half whose mothers experienced a horrid event during pregnancy, like a sudden divorce, a death in the family, a natural disaster, or physical or emotional abuse. They found that there was a drastic difference in the two groups, and the people with stressed out mothers had shorter lifespans, as well as shorter attention spans, lower IQs, memory deficiencies, and more health problems -- and the stress affects daughters more than sons

So, yeah, even though the "stress" the scientists took into account in this study was of the really intense kind (we're not talking run-of-the-mill work-life balance stress), still, I don't want to hear this right now. It stresses me out. God forbid, what if something semi-traumatizing happens in my life in the next few months? Not only am I going to be freaking out about the thing itself, I'm going to be freaking out about the fact that, thanks to it and my inability to have grace under fire, my kid's going to have a shortened lifespan.

Sometimes I honestly feel like I need to find an Internet-less, cable-less bubble to go live in until I give birth. It could be the only way I won't be privy to all the crazy, scary, stressful stuff floating around in the world on a daily basis. Then again, I'd probably just stress out about what I was missing.

Do you believe this study? Did you have a stressful pregnancy?


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