Baby Names: Things to Remember When Picking a Name

baby names

Photo by Manda5463

It's fun to think about baby names, and the options are endless -- flower names, nature names, names of states or countries, combining names, picking a theme if you have more than one kid. But ebbierowe has some advice for you -- she posted a totally just-for-fun list of things prospective parents should keep in mind when choosing their baby's name in The CafeMom Newcomers Club. Some tips?

  • Be careful how you combine words -- not all combinations are created equally.
  • Beware of funky spellings -- some just don't work, mamas!
  • State names are great, but make it a first name and not a middle. Examples? Michael Indiana or Katie Georgia. You kid may wind up sounding like a town.

Check out the full list -- and don't take anything too seriously! Remember, it's all in good fun. Do you have any baby naming "rules" of your own to add?


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