Jessica Simpson Confirms Pregnancy & Makes Us Laugh

jessica simpson pregnant bellyMaybe she decided that after the announcement of Kim Kardashian's divorce, we could all use a pick-me-up. Or maybe she realized her burgeoning baby bump wasn't exactly getting any smaller, so it was better that she just spill before she got any more flak for attempting to hide it. Or maybe after all that "trick"-ing, she wanted to "treat" us. Either way, Jessica Simpson has confirmed what we have all pretty much suspected for quite some time now: She's pregnant with her first child!!! Awwww.

I know, it's not exactly most startling news you've heard in a while! But that's okay. Who really needs a celeb pregnancy to be a surprise?! We all try to play guessing games and figure it out as early on as possible anyway. Just look at Jen Aniston -- she gains a couple of pounds when she quits smoking, and suddenly, headlines blare all over that she's expecting!


And at any rate, it was always Jessica and fiance Eric Johnson's news to share. Whether or not she wanted to do it now or later or months ago was totally up to the two of them. As far as I'm concerned, even when you're public figures, a pregnancy isn't anyone's business but the parents-to-be. They can and should share whenever they're ready.

But now that they have made the big ""!!!ANNOUNCEMENT!!!," we can all sit back and just enjoy the great news. You don't have to know that Jessica's an innately-maternal Cancer to know that she's been wanting to be a mom for some time. How absolutely ADORABLE was her way of announcing that there's a baby on the way? Not by selling her story to one of the nasty tabloids. She did it in a totally non-profit way, tweeting a link to her website, where she had posted a photo of her posing in a mummy costume with her belly on full display and the caption, "It's true! I'm going to be a mummy." Haha, awww. Come on, how can you not love that she waited to share the news like that?! So cute and funny! That quirky sense of humor is exactly why I've always loved her.

Honestly, I'm totally psyched for Jess and Eric. They'll be two of the most fabulous parents in Hollywood (as long as they realize they have to steer away from crazy names like that of this kid's cousin, Bronx Mowgli!). HUGE congrats to the daddy and "mummy"-to-be!

What do you think about Jessica's announcement?


Image via Allan Bregg/Splash News


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