The Annoying Pregnancy Symptom Nobody Warned Me About


pregnancy testWhen I went to my fourth doctor's appointment this morning, I was delighted to see the teeny-tiny baby movin' and groovin' around inside my body. Delighted because, well, it's unbelievably amazing. But also delighted because it's nice to have concrete evidence that he or she is still in there!

Currently, I'm about 14 weeks pregnant -- I know, not very far along -- and I still feel pretty much like my pre-pregnant self. Well, mostly. There have been a few quirky things here and there. Like, from about weeks 6 to 9, I just wasn't into the food I'm normally into; I looked majorly pale there for a spell; and I've been having some really weird, kind of disturbing dreams as of late. Other than that, totally normal.

Well, almost totally normal. I have had one symptom that has actually been pretty damn horrendous. And I never, ever heard about it before getting pregnant.

What is going on with the taste in my mouth?! Blech! It's kind of gross, and it won't go away. I don't understand it, and why didn't anyone warn me about this atrocity before conception? I can't eat a meal anymore without chewing a stick of gum or eating a piece of candy afterward. My teeth are probably going to fall out the minute I give birth.

According to my midwife, and, well, fact, the pH in women's mouths change when they get pregnant. The result? What some would describe as a metallic-y taste 24/7. If you want to get all technical, the medical term for it is dysgeusia, and it's caused by the increase of estrogen in our bodies, or can even be the result of a prenatal vitamin you're taking.

Is there a remedy? Eh, I've poked around the web a bit and found suggestions like, "drink a lot of water," "brush your teeth often," and "eat citrus-y foods." I call bull, though. I've done/I do all of these things, and still, it's metallic city in my mouth. Supposedly, it goes away at some point. Until then, I sit here and I wait.

I know that I could have way worse symptoms, side effects, and problems than this in my pregnancy, so for that, I really am grateful. But, dear God, this is irritating -- especially when I take calcium supplements. The taste stays in my mouth for what feels like weeks. I can't wait to meet my baby, but I also can't wait to have my old mouth back!

What was your worst pregnancy symptom?


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Kate Williams

I never had the matalic taste, but the worst symptom that i didn't know about was at about 20 weeks I started fainting all the time. (i hit my head a couple time wich resulted in ER trips).  But it turned out i was really sensitive to cirulated air and heat and it made me hit the floor all the time, especially when i was in a grocery store or outside too long.

ReiRe... ReiReally

That's intersting but, i'm not suprised. A good friend of mine is diabetic and she says has weird taste on her tounge AND he breath might smell if her sugar changes, espically while menstrating.

MadMe... MadMerlotMama

Nobody warned me about the gas. Sweet Lord, the gas. Water gave me gas. Everything gave me gas.

And not just the little burps. Hooo nooo, I belched. Also: walking farts. That happened. Nothing like waddling down the hall in the office hearing your butt cheeks toot their own symphony.

Momma... Momma2blessed

Sorry to say that is nothing compared if what's to come! Waking up to horrendously painful leg cramps are my worst! I think they're worse than contractions!

nonmember avatar me

ooooh yeah I hate the leg cramps.

nonmember avatar Holly

I had the metallic taste with my first child along with bad morning sickness till i was 6 months i got sick over everything even when my s/o farted id puke it was awful but not nearly as bad with my second it was different the sickness wasnt as bad but i had horrid backpain sciatica and leg pain from week 20 till i gave birth i was so relieved to be able to walk again

hutch... hutchfam2007

I am about 13 weeks and I too have that taste in my mouth. I didnt know it was a pregnancy symptom, I just figured it was because of my daily routine of vomiting stomach acid every morning...

This is my second pregnancy and a couple things have thrown me off this time around. The extreme, intense fatigue. I really dont remember being THIS tired the first time around. I have been sleeping from 8pm, Yes EIGHT to 5:30am or so. I am just barely struggling through each day.

Another odd symptom I didnt experience the first time is morning faintness. Each morning before Im able to scarf down my cereal, I feel very dizzy and light headed to the point of feeling like I might faint. It also makes my heart pound and my chest tight. Told OB about it and she says its a dip in blood sugar.

Plus this time, the ACNE! are you kidding me?!?!?! I have had my fair share of zits on my face, but on my NECK!?!?! seriously!? What kind of sick joke is that! I have NEVER had a zit on my neck and Im sporting about 4-5 monsters there now...

hutch... hutchfam2007

ugh. never had leg cramps last time either, maybe I will be plagued by that this time too!!!

LadiC... LadiCarrier

I have nose bleeds. Yes..nose bleeds are a although rare symptom of pregnancy. (Im 25 weeks)

Never had them before being pregnant.

ms_mo... ms_morgan

I had the bad taste, and my doc took me off of my prenatal vitamens and put me on others that had lower iron...Solved it for me!  I'm 18 weeks, and I still don't really "feel" pregnant.  Hopefully once I can start feeling her move it will hit me!

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