I'm in My Second Trimester & I Still Don't 'Feel' Pregnant

pregnantSo far, there really has been very little to complain about in my pregnancy. I feel great. Ditching coffee wasn't a quarter as tough as I suspected it would be. No weird aversions. Still sleeping on my stomach. And I still fit into all of my jeans just fine. Save for the no wine thing and the disgusting taste I've had in my mouth, I really couldn't come up with a negative thing to say.

Except ... I don't feel pregnant. And I'm already in my second trimester. WTF?


I know, I know, this shouldn't be a complaint -- and really it's not, it's more of a discussion, if you will -- but I'm finding it odd to be pregnant without feeling pregnant. I still sometimes mindlessly go to take a swig of my husband's beer or reach for my salicylic acid face wash that's sitting forlornly in a corner of my shower collecting soap scum.

Aside from not being able to sleep on my stomach (I might die when that happens), I welcome The Bump. Bump, where are you? And The Boobs. Boobs, where are you? My cups still aren't runnething over! I'm secretly excited for people to be able to tell that I'm pregnant -- I want the smiles from anonymous passersby and the seats of my fellow commuters on the subway.

And it's not just for the attention, really, it's not. It's so I can feel, well, pregnant. And more connected to the itty-bitty baby growing inside of me. I mean, right now, I know he or she is in there, but that's kind of all I got to go on thus far.

I know it's only a matter of time, though. Truth be told, my jeans do feel the slightest bit snugger today. And when I do finally "feel pregnant," it will make everything all the more exciting. Except for the no sleeping on my stomach thing. I can't imagine I will ever come around to that.

How long did it take you to "feel pregnant"?


Image via jonny.hunter/Flickr

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