Everything Your Doctor Told You About Folic Acid Is True

vitaminsIf there's one magic bullet for a healthy pregnancy, it's folic acid. Really, you can buy into the hype on this one. And the earlier you start taking it, the better, according to the results of a new study linking adequate folic acid intake during early pregnancy with advanced language skills in toddlers.

That's a pretty big deal. Such a big deal that now I get why doctors have been saying women of childbearing age should take a folic acid supplement regularly whether they're pregnant or not. Or even planning on it.



Thinking ahead is not something I do well, in general. I mean I'm not one of those people who can sit down with a calendar and plot out exactly when major life events will fall over a span of several years. I admire those people, I'm just not one.

But this preventative measure is such an easy one to take, it doesn't make sense NOT to do it. Heck, I already have two kids and even though I really can't say for certain whether I will or won't have more, I might as well add folic acid to the handful of vitamins I toss back every morning. Why not?

Here's the really good news: If you're taking a multivitamin designed specifically for women, you might be taking the daily recommended amount of folic acid already.

And if you want to throw some extra folic acid into the mix? More foods are packed with the nutrient than you might expect: Whole grains, beans, spinach, orange juice ... just to name a few. Eat up!

You'll be glad you did when your three-year-old strikes up a conversation on quantum physics!

Are you trying to get pregnant? Do you take a folic acid supplement?


Image via Shannon Kringen/Flickr

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