Beyonce Baby Bump Controversy Is Proof Everyone Has Gone Crazy (VIDEO)


beyonce bumpOkay, let's just put this inane rumor to rest once and for all: Beyonce is not sporting a fake baby bump, and people need to stop concocting wacko conspiracy theories about celeb pregnancies! When did that even get to be a thing, by the way? Beyond Is She or Isn't She, Who's the Daddy, and Is It a Boy or Girl, there really shouldn't be any other questions to ponder.

It was a clip of Beyonce on an Australian talk show that got the buzz-factory working overtime, and all because as the superstar sits down, the front of her dress kind of deflates and collapses inward.

Which must mean that her "bump" is really a balloon-type device that somehow popped when she sat!

Uh, NO.

Clearly anybody who's buying into this half-baked idea has never worn a maternity dress. Because if they had, they would know that while some fabrics stretch, others accommodate growing bellies with nifty devices like little pleats and darts.

Which is all well and good when a mama-to-be is standing up and her tummy is at full mast. When, however, she changes position, her belly sits down before her dress does. Particularly at Beyonce's phase of pregnancy, around 5 months, when you're not at max bump capacity yet and you still have some room to grow in most of your clothes.

The (ridiculous) allegation is that Beyonce and Jay-Z hired a surrogate to carry their baby. Okay, if you're going to say that about any pregnant celeb, why in the name of Sasha Fierce would you say that about Beyonce? She's one of the few famous women who's not obsessed with being drastically underweight. Come on, this is the woman who sang the line, I don't think you ready for this jelly/Is my body too bootylicious for ya, babe?

I'd sooner believe Beyonce was carrying an alien baby than faking her pregnancy entirely. Check this out and tell me:

Do you think Beyonce is wearing a fake bump?


Image via YouTube

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nonmember avatar Liz

Do these people know how much Beyonce is worth? If she wanted to fake a pregnancy she wouldn't be wearing something that could pop from her sitting down. What's sad is there are people in this world who will NEVER believe now that she carried her own child

Mommi... Mommie42511

beyonce is worth so much and she is amazing singer and actor :) people are so dumb to think that

cocob... cocobeannns

I think it's ridiculous to believe everything these celebrities do is truth. I mean really, most of them are actors. They get PAID to pretend. Do I think Beyonce is faking her pregnancy? Maybe. That doesn't make me crazy or dumb. Just skeptical of not believing everything I'm told. Sorry.

LikeA... LikeAVirgin

Beyonce is pregnant....did nobody see her recent bikini pictures??

Robin Gasior

It's the dress. You can see how she's holding it to keep it from sliding up but it still bunches in her stomach. I'm sure it's not the stretchy maternity dresses we're all used to and it probably a stiffer, custom made outfit, causing it to bunch all weird.

nonmember avatar Courtney

I don't think she is pregnant. She is wearing baby bumps while a surrogate is carrying the baby. Smart chick, she has to keep her body in tacked. I want to do the same thing. Smh, what people do for attention.

Yolanda Lewis

How do people explain the bare baby bump Beyonce showed in a bikini a month ago if this is a fake baby bump? US Magazine had the pictures and they were shown everywhere. Yes, people are ridiculous to think that this is a fake baby bump because her dress folded. If people were studying your or your wife's baby bump every moment, I'm sure you would've similar moments.

cchill cchill

ok so she sits down and it collapses, than what she stands up and it pops back out , oh please .leave this woman and her unborn child alone ,, that 's foolish-ness find yourself another way for entertainment , that toooo much stress on her and her baby

nonmember avatar unbleevable

To make the statement that you know that Beyonce is pregnant makes you look completely naive and stupid. All you know of a celebrity is what they want you to see in the media. There are people that are intimate in your actual life that you lack full knowledge of, how can you be so sure of what a person you've never even met is capable of. I can present myself anyway I want to you, when I know you're watching. Smh. With that being said, I don't know if she's pregnant or not. Seeing the video, she could be pregnant despite the folding of the stomach area, because some maternity dresses do give that folding effect as you sit for comfort. As a mother of four, I can say it wasn't remotely possible for me to take a seat leaning forward, like on the video, you kinda had to keep one hand on your belly to support the baby and feel your way back with the other hand. But that's not to say its not possible for someone to be able do it. If Beyonce isn't pregnant, I wouldn't understand the point of her lying. If she is, I wish her and Jay much happiness. In the coming months, it'll be easier to distinguish the facts from fiction. Which ever way it turns out, it really has nothing to do with any of us. Just because you've made them a part of you're life, doesn't mean your a part of theirs. #imjustsayn

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