Beyonce Reveals Her Baby's Due Date!

beyonceIf you were estimating Beyonce to be about five months pregnant, based on bump-size, you were right! The singer finally announced her approximate due date, and guess what? Destiny's child will be born in February!

Beyonce was literally glowing -- if I could use another, less obvious term I would, but she really was glowing -- when she broke the news on the Australian talk show Sunday Night.

As well she should be. Beyonce seems poised to be a great mom. But I have some advice for the superstar mother-to-be (don't worry, Beyonce, I'm not gonna go all Gwyneth Paltrow and pour wheatgrass down your throat).


No, my words of pseudo-wisdom are astrological in nature, not biological. (If words like "certified" are important to you, then you should know I'm not a professional astrologist. But I know lots and lots of stuff.)

Beyonce is a Virgo, and her baby will most likely be an Aquarius (unless he/she holds out until the end of February, in which case he/she will be a Pisces). Look out, Sasha Fierce! The Virgo/Aquarius Parent/Child relationship can be a tricky one ...

Beyonce is a classic Virgo: Hard-working, rational, focused, super-motivated, organized. Goal-oriented!

The typical Aquarius, by comparison, tends to be something of a dreamer. A creative free-thinker. You know, marching to the beat of his or her own drummer and so on. Just think of that song from Hair, "Age of Aquarius," and you'll get the idea.

A kid like this has the potential to make a Type A mom like Beyonce go stark raving mad. But Beyonce would do well to remember that he/she who wanders isn't always lost. I've always kind of thought that we have the babies we have for a reason. Raising this child will definitely teach Beyonce how to let go from time to time. Ditch the control-freak thing. Learn to relax.

Now the next big question ... will the Aquarius en route be a boy or a girl?


Image via Alex Johnson/Flickr

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