Mom Set to Give Birth in Front of Live Audience

pregnant performance art
Now this is art.
Are pregnant women beautiful? But of course. Glowing? Sometimes. Experiencing a miracle? I would answer that in the affirmative. But creating art? No. Yet Brooklyn artist Marni Kotak (of course it's Brooklyn!!!) is using her pregnancy and imminent birth to create performance art. Or rather, she's going to give birth in a gallery and call it art.

Unless you're planning on selling that work of art, Marni, I'm thinking this is just a good way to get out of paying those hospital bills. By the way, a good baby goes for $15K these days, for any potential collectors.

While it's certainly an inspired idea, Marni, I've gotta tell you: You're going to regret this.


As a fan of wacky performance art and all kinds of other artsy fartsiness, I still think this lady is barking up the wrong tree. Let's say she has an easy birth, her midwife performs admirably, and there are no complications. How is what she does any different than what we watch in childbirth class? Just because her positive pregnancy test is displayed and there's a cute cafe around the corner does not make it a "happening." It's childbirth. It's science. Amazing science, but nature nonetheless. And you're probably not going to want an audience once you experience the "ring of fire."

Additionally, by turning childbirth into art, you're somehow putting it in an unnatural realm. Which it's not. You may feel like your child's birth is the most profound thing in the universe, and it is -- to you. But not to anyone else outside your immediate family. So you should experience it with those closest to you, not a gawking crowd.

Now, if she were going to create a sculpture or set up an installation while in labor or during the quickening, that would be art. But just having a baby? That's life.

Do you think having a baby in a gallery makes it art?


Image via simplyla/Flickr

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