Being Pregnant Should Mean You Get to Cut Lines


pregnant sittingAh, pregnancy. It's a magical, marvelous time in a woman's life. Everywhere you walk, little cartoon bluebirds come and perch on your shoulders. Chivalrous gentlemen appear out of nowhere to cover puddles with their coats so your feet never get wet. Still more chivalrous gentlemen never fail to leap from their chairs if you're in need of a seat. And they're always wearing top hats and waistcoats and have charming British accents and ...

Okay, so everything after the "marvelous time" part was a total fantasy. In my experience, the average "gentleman" is as likely to give up his seat for a pregnant woman as he is to wear a waistcoat. And while expecting a baby is magical, it's also sometimes kind of extremely uncomfortable. Especially if you have to be on your feet for very long.

Which is why I'm loving the story I heard recently about a sandwich shop that has a "pregnant ladies don't have to stand in line" policy.

Apparently this little restaurant is super-popular. Like, lines-around-the-block popular. Which sounds like a mean, nasty trick to play on a hungry, hungry preggo: Sure, you can have this really really good sandwich that you're totally craving, but first you have to stand and wait forever on your aching, swollen feet.

Except that the people who run this place have the common sense (must be owned by a mom) to recognize that pregnant women -- who are, by the way, very good eaters and therefore a demographic anyone in the restaurant biz would want to attract -- are quite miserable when they have to wait in long lines. No matter how great that sandwich at the end is going to be. Because probably there's an ice cream place, like, half a block away with no wait at all and ice cream is sounding pretty good right now.

So it's a brilliant concept and I'm all for it. The only problem is, I heard about this mythical sandwich shop through a long, twisty grapevine and its actual name and location are a mystery. The search continues! Can you help?

Do you know of any restaurants or shops that allow pregnant women to cut to the front of the line?


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Amy Mathis

No- but i do hear some places have pregnancy parking! And i want it! lol.  it seems like i always have to park 100 miles away and waddle my chubby butt to the store!

bills... billsfan1104

Places are making pregnant women lazy. Its not like a pregannat woman has to stand for hours for a sandwich. But whatever. Its nice of them

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

That's probably more of a money-making-scheme than an act of courtesy.

I worked up until 8months pregnant, on my feet, in a hot kitchen, 40+hours/week, sometimes until 3am pregnant. It's not that hard to walk across a parking lot, or stand in line.

There's no way I'd stand in line like that for a sandwich anyway.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

I meant I worked until 9months pregnant. I finished my 8th month @ work.

momto... momtothemax2910

I don't know of any places that do this but I did have women let me go in font of them in lines in stores or give up sears on public transportation. And I always let pregnant women or older folks or people with fewer items go ahead of me in line. It's called courtesy.

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

You must not live in the South.  Where I live, there is no better chance to see chivalry than when you are pregnant or pushing a stroller.  Doors open as if by magic, and empty seats miraculously appear.  Several places also have special parking spots for pregnant and new moms.  I even got my husband out of a ticket once because I was sitting next to him in my eighth or ninth month. 

Madam... MadameGarlic

I often help pregnant women cut in line at public bathrooms. I appeal to people's kindness and it almost always works. Old ladies, too.

Crims... CrimsonRain

I always give up my seat for the elderly, but I would never for a pregnant woman.  Nor would I appreciate it if she cut in front of me in line.  If you're going to get pregnant, deal with the consequences.  What if someone has been working all day in a hot factory, on their feet on the hard concrete floor?  What about the woman with five screaming kids who just want to go home?  Do we need to let the obese cut in line too, because their knees can't hold their weight for too long?  Nothing justifies an exception for pregnant women over anyone else.

des. des.

I can understand how sometimes, being pregnant can be miserable.  So can being elderly or disabled.  If someone is appearing to have a tough time, giving up your spot to them is always nice regardless of their condition.  But being pregnant isn't always tough for everyone at every point.  I prefer to do things myself and stand, and my son will hold the door for me if I need it.  That doesn't mean help isn't appreciated, so if this shop exists, whatever floats their boat.

Madam... MadameGarlic

But when you are pregnant, you often have to use the bathroom unexpectedly because of the pressure on you bladder. Many pregnant women don't want to embarrass themselves by saying so.

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