Being Pregnant Should Mean You Get to Cut Lines

pregnant sittingAh, pregnancy. It's a magical, marvelous time in a woman's life. Everywhere you walk, little cartoon bluebirds come and perch on your shoulders. Chivalrous gentlemen appear out of nowhere to cover puddles with their coats so your feet never get wet. Still more chivalrous gentlemen never fail to leap from their chairs if you're in need of a seat. And they're always wearing top hats and waistcoats and have charming British accents and ...

Okay, so everything after the "marvelous time" part was a total fantasy. In my experience, the average "gentleman" is as likely to give up his seat for a pregnant woman as he is to wear a waistcoat. And while expecting a baby is magical, it's also sometimes kind of extremely uncomfortable. Especially if you have to be on your feet for very long.

Which is why I'm loving the story I heard recently about a sandwich shop that has a "pregnant ladies don't have to stand in line" policy.


Apparently this little restaurant is super-popular. Like, lines-around-the-block popular. Which sounds like a mean, nasty trick to play on a hungry, hungry preggo: Sure, you can have this really really good sandwich that you're totally craving, but first you have to stand and wait forever on your aching, swollen feet.

Except that the people who run this place have the common sense (must be owned by a mom) to recognize that pregnant women -- who are, by the way, very good eaters and therefore a demographic anyone in the restaurant biz would want to attract -- are quite miserable when they have to wait in long lines. No matter how great that sandwich at the end is going to be. Because probably there's an ice cream place, like, half a block away with no wait at all and ice cream is sounding pretty good right now.

So it's a brilliant concept and I'm all for it. The only problem is, I heard about this mythical sandwich shop through a long, twisty grapevine and its actual name and location are a mystery. The search continues! Can you help?

Do you know of any restaurants or shops that allow pregnant women to cut to the front of the line?


Image via Ed Yourdon/Flickr

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