5 Easy Preggers Halloween Costumes

pregnant skeleton costumeHolidays are extra fun when you're pregnant, I've always thought -- mostly because you have an excuse to eat as much as you want. But Halloween is the best preggers special occasion of all, because in addition to scarfing down enough candy for two, you also get the rare opportunity to wear a mom-to-be-specific costume!

I've seen some super-creative examples over the years (like a belly "pearl" peeking out of a giant oyster), but if you're anything like me when I was pregnant, you're thinking along easier, more comfortable lines. Like this comfy, easy-to-make skeleton get-up!

Here are 4 more awesome ideas to get you started ...





pumpkin pregnant belly


Okay, this one is a little obvious, but it's still adorable and about as easy as you can get. Plus, just think of all the other round objects your belly can masquerade as with the help of a little "face" paint: A basketball! A beach ball! A baseball! (Pretty much any kind of ball, I guess.) A fish bowl! Be sure to accessorize with a pair of kitty ears.





moustache belly


Oh my god, this one just cracked me the heck up. As far as I can tell, a fake moustache and a marker are all you need ... well, and a good sense of humor.




preg costume t-shirt


Of course, it doesn't get any easier than ordering a t-shirt for a costume. This one is hilarious and it's only $28!






speed bump


Ha! There are a couple of ways you can go with this one: Straight-up paint job on the belly, or make an iron-on version of the "speed bump" sign and stick it on a solid-colored shirt.

What are your Halloween costume plans?


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