This Pregnant Celebrity Just Wants to Smoke & Drink

Carla BruniFinally, a pregnant woman who speaks the truth. No endless waxing on about pregnancy being the most magical, amazing experience of her life like some famous women (ahem, Alyssa Milano), but rather Carla Bruni, First Lady of France, says she wants her booze and cigarettes back.

As bluntly as possible, she recently told La Pariseian that being pregnant is driving her crazy:


Frankly, I cannot stand it. I have to stay sitting or lying most of the time, cannot smoke or drink wine. I cannot wait for it to end.

Swap the cigarettes for a cold, lunch meat sandwich, and I was right there with Bruni when I was pregnant. As excited as I was about the babies I was carrying and preparing for them, I also really missed my wine and sandwiches. Nine months is a long time, and besides an occasional sip, I wasn't one to indulge while I was pregnant, so I really missed it. 

But when you mention missing vices, some women get all smug and judgey -- how dare you complain about something so trite when you're given the gift of pregnancy. This commenter at BabyCenter pretty much sums up the sort of ridiculous reaction some offer up:

Oh poor baby. To be so completely burdened by the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth. And on top of that, she actually has to make a sacrifice for her child by not drinking or smoking. Wowzers. Some people sure have a tough life…..* rolls eyes *

But pregnancy isn't all one big, warm, fuzzy journey (sorry, it's just not), and it's okay to want things you're not supposed to have. Some would argue it's okay to even have the things you're not "supposed" to have in moderation, but that's another argument for another time.

So I say good for Bruni and her bluntness. Whether they admit it or not, most women likely feel just like she does about something. Maybe it's not alcohol or cigarettes, but there are things we all give up to bear children that we wish we didn't have to, and admitting it doesn't make us bad mothers. It makes us the best kind of mothers -- human.

What did you miss most when you were pregnant?

Image via americanistadechiapas/Flickr

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