Boost Your Baby-Making Power With These All-Natural Items!

cup of teaIf you're trying to get pregnant, you've probably gotten more bizarre advice from more (bizarre) people on how to get the job done than you ever dreamed possible. And you're about to get some more! No, really -- some of this stuff might sound bizarre, but it's really not. Even better, it's a lot more pleasant than eating 20 cloves of raw garlic every day like your husband's great aunt told you to do and a lot less complicated than trying to conceive under the light of the fifth month's first full moon like your husband's other great aunt told you to do.

(You married into a really weird family, by the way.)

Check out this list of 5 all-natural, easy-to-find items that are known to boost fertility!

  1. Royal Jelly. Made by honeybees, royal jelly has been shown to benefit both men and women in the quest to reproduce: It can increase the quality of both sperm and eggs and is used to treat low estrogen and testosterone levels. (Also, it's pretty tasty.)
  2. Chasteberry. Also known as Vitex, this herbal supplement helps to normalize irregular menstrual cycles, making ovulation times easier to predict.
  3. Red Raspberry Leaf. Taken in capsule form or made into tea, red raspberry leaf contains an alkaloid that helps to strengthen and tone the uterine lining. This is a good one to keep up with after you conceive, too, as it's known for preventing miscarriage and postpartum hemorrhage.
  4. Vitamin C. What can't this wonder vitamin do?? Kicks colds, fights the flu, and yup, improves hormone levels in women whose ovaries don't produce enough progesterone.
  5. Damiana. Another herb with hormone-balancing properties for women, damiana has also been used as an aphrodisiac by both men and women -- which can't hurt when you're trying to get pregnant!

Have you tried any all-natural fertility boosters?


Image via Ana Bernardo/Flickr

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