3 Reasons Black is the Best Color for Pregnant Women


pregnant in dressOnce you are very visibly pregnant (as opposed to the "bump" you thought you had at ten weeks), deciding on what to wear can become a bit challenging. And once you do decide, keeping that look ... shall we say ... neat and tidy, can also prove to be as hard as getting a good night's sleep. Which is why I think the color black is hands down the best color a pregnant woman could wear.

Look again, shall we, at my lovely model, Catherine, who you may remember as the one who wore the fabulous "show off my belly" tight tunic and black slacks (black, again, see? Great color!). Here she is in the Seraphine Crochet Tunic Dress ($95) which is a dress Halle Berry wore during her pregnancy as well. (Fancy!) Gorgeous, isn't she? The dress, too. But I'm not here to fawn all over the blonde preggers, I'm here to tell you why black is THE BEST color for maternity clothes.

1. It's slimming. Okay, of course pregnant women don't need to look slim, in fact, they should look beautifully round and lovely. But as just about any pregnant woman will tell you, it sure feels nice to feel pretty when you are pregnant, though sometimes you are too nauseous, tired, bloated, insert your yucky feeling here, to feel that way. The color black is like a magic eraser on all of that. More proof.

2. Black is a multi-purpose color. Yeah, this one in particular costs $95 which is a lot and you can totally find others similar at a fraction of the cost -- like this Merona Long Sleeve Dress from Target for $29.99. But this dress ... you can wear with sandals for everyday, fancy shoes to a wedding (Catherine did!), or even cozy up with it on lazy weekends but only if you get it in cotton, which most maternity clothes are made with anyway. The comfortable ones anyway.

3. Black hides the stuff you spill on yourself more easily. Come on, it's not just me, right? Pregnancy makes you ... um ... a wee bit clumsy. Or in my case, more clumsy. And something weird happens when you eat that for like every third bite, a portion of that bite falls onto your clothes. I don't know why it happens, but it does, and the baby bump is there to catch the food, and if you are wearing black, it's much more easily hideable than say ... white, grey, green, or anything pastel.

What is your favorite color to wear when pregnant? Do you stay away from light colors because of that spill problem, too? Be honest.

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Lynette Lynette

I like solid colors.  Same as when I am not pregnant.  And w/ blond hair I look good in red, blue, green, and black too

Ember... Emberbaby

Black is overall flattering for everyone. I think pregnant women look great in things that show off the belly not hide it.

sunan... sunangel803

I generally stay away from white/pastel color clothes pregnant or not pregnant because of the spill factor...I'm clumsy all the time :) I wore a lot of black when I was pregnant...just thought I looked better in it.

Doula Jennifer Parker

For you to say more than once 'hands down black' 'BLACK IS BEST', blah blah, it sounds as if you have an issue with the pregnant body! Pregnancy is a beautiful time for women to show off their curves, not hide behind black clothing, because it is 'slimming'. You are right about the spill factor, but with how this is written, could totally offend and piss off some pregnant women. 


Melis... Melissa042807

I feel like a whale when I'm pregnant. Anything "slimming" is welcome. :-) And I love black anyway. 

Loveb... Lovebugbaby

I wear black alll the time as it is.. now I just have a reason :)

Cassi... Cassidhes_Mom

Most of my clothing was black already. I try to make sure what I wear is at least a little sexy/attractive too though. Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I need to wear a muumuu. I have a lot of close-fitting black clothing that really outlines the belly and I love it!

Texas... TexasWife

I wear black a lot anyways.

aviat... aviatioNation

Black is a terrible color choice for a pregnant women. Think about it, most women still wear their maternity clothes for at least a few weeks after baby makes his debut and that means holding baby while wearing your maternity clothes. And holding baby means spit up. Spit up and black don't mix well.

nonmember avatar sharron

Black is perfect for pregnant women - I love the comment that it hides what you might spill on yourself!!

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