Daring Couple Is Letting Facebook Name Their Baby

Facebook LightDave and Lindsey Meske are stuck. They're expecting their second daughter in January and just can't agree on what to name her, so they're taking to the web and asking Facebook to decide.

She wants McKenna; he thinks it sounds like a last name and likes Madelyn. So instead of fighting it out or flipping a coin, they decided to take themselves out of the equation and leave her name fate up to Facebook. It's not just limited to their friends and family either; nope, anyone can offer their two cents on what this little girl will be called for the rest of her life. You simply go to the Facebook page, Name My Child, and vote.


Smart people they are, they didn't leave it wide open, and instead they narrowed it down to four choices: McKenna, Madelyn, Addilyne, and Emily. It would be more fun if they were open to anything, but for the girl's sake, it's good they came up with some pretty standard names as there are 800 million potential voters on Facebook out there. So far, more than 3,000 people have voted; Madelyn is in the lead with Emily coming in a close second.

The Meskes claim to be the first parents to let Facebook name their child, but they certainly shouldn't be the last. Sure it's a little impersonal, but it also comes with so much potential and alleviates many baby naming problems. 

Say you and your spouse absolutely disagree on a name, like the Meskes -- let Facebook decide and save the fighting. If disgruntled family members don't like your child's name, it's not your fault; Facebook chose it.

Also, while choosing a child's name can be one of the most enjoyable decisions parents make for a child, let's face it -- not everyone is good at it. The plethora of annoying and outrageous baby names out there is all the proof you need on that one. If parents got a little more feedback before going ahead and naming their kid "Like" (after the Facebook Like button), we might save some kids from lives of awkwardness and embarrassment. Celebrities in particular could benefit from some Facebook input when naming their babies. A certain fruit-named little girl would probably have very much appreciated it if her famous mother had just asked what we thought.

Would you ever let Facebook name your child?

Image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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