Your Baby Is Communicating in Her Sonogram

sonogram expressionsMy daughter tried to tell me the other day that she remembers being in the womb and that it was dark and wet. I know, easy guess. But I swore something was up when she flashed what was either the heavy metal or hook 'em horns sign on her very first sonogram. (As a University of Texas alum and lover of all hair bands in the 1980s, I was quite pleased.) Gang signs aside, it does seem that those babies are up to something in there, and it's kind of amazing. 

It turns out, babies are doing all kinds of things before they even show up out of the womb. One of the most fascinating is developing those facial expressions and seeing that those womb babies are actually smiling and crying. Crying, I'm guessing, because you skipped the chocolate milkshake that day.

So when does all this business start happening, so you can take a much closer look at those pictures of your belly?


Those 4D sonogram machines have come in handy, as researchers used them to measure fetal facial movements. Between your 24th week and 36th week, your baby's facial expressions start becoming much more advanced and complex. Your little swimmer at 24 weeks can open her mouth and stretch her lips. By 35 weeks those kiddos can furrow the brow, lower a brow, and give you the hairy eyeball. Just kidding on the last one. Unless your fetus is particularly emotionally advanced.

All of this is to say, I guess those creepy 4D images are useful for more than just freaking out new moms. Seriously, I thought I had an alien inside of me after looking at one of those. Turns out, it was a smiling, frowning, crying alien.

Did your baby smile in his sonogram?


Image via LesPaulLv5/Flickr

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