Miracle Twins Born From One Mom With Two Uteruses


twin babiesThe birth of a healthy baby is always a miracle, doubly so with twins. So I don't know what to call Florida mom Andreea Barbosa's birth to twins from two separate uteruses. A Miracle Squared??

Just to add some perspective, only about 1 in 2,000 women have a double uterus, and there have only been about 70 to 100 known cases worldwide of such women carrying a baby in each uterus at the same time. Usually, these pregnancies aren't successful.

So how did Andreea Barbosa and her husband Miguel get so lucky??

Well, no one really knows for sure. One of Barbosa's doctors, Patricia St. John M.D., said the hospital was "able to ensure both mother and babies would be healthy" because they were "aware of her condition," but there's got to be more to it than that. The odds were stacked unbelievably high against these babies being born: 1 in 5 million, to be exact.

That's what keeps bringing me back to the whole miracle angle.

i just don't know how else to explain something like the arrival of (non-identical) twins Natalie and Nathan -- who, despite being 4 weeks early, weighed in at over 5 pounds each! (Not bad for twins, right?)

The babies were delivered by cesarean section, as one might expect, with Nathan emerging two minutes before his sister Natalie. With a 2-year-old sister waiting at home, it's going to be quite the busy household ...

But I have a feeling everything will work out just fine for this family. Luck is definitely on their side!

Have you ever heard of twins born from one mom with two uteruses?


Image via Jeremy Miles/Flickr

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Babyb... Babybear89

wow that is pretty amazing

Mrs.Salz Mrs.Salz

It's uteri :)

ChicH... ChicHippie

Not twins but I know a girl who didn't know she was pregnant for awhile because she had 2 uteruses (or uteri?) and had her period from the opposite one. Didn't even know she had 2 until the ultrasound!

nonmember avatar shane

I have two uteri and two cervices, as a result of DES, a synthetic hormone given to my mother to prevent her miscarrying me. Because of these deformities, the medication has long since been banned. I have two uteri, but only two ovaries, so my body treats my uteri as one and I ovulate on each side alternately, as a 'normal' woman does. If I were to ovulate on both sides each month, it seems possible to get pregnant on each side. This MAY be what happened here....
The other option might be that this woman got pregnant on one side and somehow still ovulated and thus got pregnant very soon after in the other uterus. I'm curious to know if they were of the exact same gestational age....
Hope that all made sense!

Pamela Kristina Sanchez

It is called GOD he is in control of everything. NOt Luck. hahaa God created everything . people are so igronant to his beautiful creations and that he is in control. i hope someday all will repent of thier sins and come let Jesus live in thier hearts . he has prepared us a place in hevean. Glory to God he is a good GOd./

georg... georgiarebel85

i've never heard of anyone having two uteri but as a mother of twins mine were born at 34 wks and they weighed over 5 lbs. also i think its amazing that they were able to survive through a condition that they say usually isnt successful... so kudos for her!!! they are beautiful!!!! :)

Theresa Jones

God Bless these babies they look like little dolls I wish them and there Family lots of luck they will be busy no doubt

LilRe... LilRed2130

No but i must say that is pretty amazing!

billi... billiejo79

God is so awesome! Definatly a miracle from God.


nonmember avatar 1 Bad Mom

This is a miracle of modern medicine. It's amazing what we can do these days with the help of advances in science and well-trained doctors. The premature babies that we are able to keep alive and help to thrive who would've died a few decades ago alone is amazing. This is a fantastic story. I'm so happy for this family. Best wishes to them!

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