Pregnant Women Should Eat THIS for Allergy-Free Babies

pregnant women allergiesHead to Whole Foods, pregnant ladies, there are a few things you need to pick up. If you're baking someone in your belly and worried about the little guy or gal coming out with a boat load of allergies, there are now ways you can try to stop that situation before your baby's first rash. Luckily it requires eating, and that's what pregnant ladies are all about. At least once the morning sickness subsides.

So what are the magic foods that will keep your baby from itching and breaking out in hives? I was hoping for ice cream and chocolate. However.


Lots of oily fish and nuts packed with omega-3s. Like I said, once you're past your morning sickness phase. At that point grab fish like mackerel, salmon, and tuna (except for that tuna with those high mercury levels, let's assume), and nuts like walnuts and pumpkin seeds. These omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to develop an infant's gut to be more permeable, and therefore the broken down food substances and bacteria pass into the infant's blood stream, creating antibodies and, thus, a stronger immune system.

If you can get past the "fish list," it seems that eating these healthy foods is a great idea whether you're with child or not. In fact, the study says the rise in food allergies in children could be attributed to the fact that people aren't eating as much of these foods as they used to eat.

Great news, but as someone who had such a fish aversion during both my pregnancies, I'd have to stock up on walnuts and pumpkin seeds to make it through. Which sounds like a perfect all-day snack.

Will you change your diet after seeing this study?


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