Gwyneth Paltrow Bombards Beyonce With Baby Advice


BeyonceIt's no secret that Gwyneth Paltrow thinks she's a bastion of knowledge on pretty much everything under the goopy sun, and that it's her duty to educate the masses. So it's not surprising that she's already trying tell her pal Beyonce how to manage her pregnancy; it's just unfortunate.

When you're newly pregnant, the advice of other women who have gone before you can be some of the most welcoming and comforting words of all ... or it can be the most annoying. Paltrow's advice to Beyonce falls more in the latter camp. Here's what she told Beyonce she needs to do ...

  • Drink a shot of wheatgrass each morning
  • Rub her belly with coconut oil to prevent stretch marks
  • Meditate for an hour every day
  • Soak her feet in ice water to prevent swelling

A source told Closer magazine that Paltrow is also pushing crystals on her that are supposed to promote peace, love, and good health. Wow, that's a lot to bombard someone with and a lot to make them feel guilty about if they don't do it. Apparently Beyonce isn't loving it all, says the source.

Beyonce knows Gwyneth is just trying to show how much she cares, but her advice can be a little overwhelming. She's sending packages of herbs and vitamins -- but Beyonce wants to do things her own way, what suits her best, and not be told what to eat.

In other words: Back away, Gwyneth. I'm sure she's well intentioned; we likely all have/had an overbearing friend like Gwyn. But when it comes to pregnancy advice, sometimes less is more. Sure we can choose what we embrace, but too much unsolicited advice and too many directives are just too much pressure sometimes. You want to be nice and appreciative, but there's also a point at which you want people to shut it and let you figure out things for you and your baby on your own. Besides, Beyonce's cravings for Oreos and pickles sound a lot better than wheatgrass.

Have you had friends and family members offer too much pregnancy advice?

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momto... momtolittleg

How nice would it be to have a free HOUR every day to meditate??  Sheesh.

Evalyn Carnate

Ohmuhgod.....Why dont she just take her perfect little family and disappear!!

happy... happymama2D

Drink a shot of wheatgrass every morning? Um ..... sure ... would you like me to do that before or after I throw up?  I was so sick I couldn't even brush my teeth without throwing up. I would also love a free hour each day ... to SLEEP!!!!  Oh Gwyneth, I used to have the most major girl crush on you, but these days?  Not so much ... :(

redli... redlily90

This advice is unwelcomed and unwarranted and Gwenyth needs to back off... but am I the only one who didn't know Beyonce was pregnant?

sunny... sunnybunny5us

It seems like at least some of it is  good advice. Coconut oil is great for stretch marks and pregant women should take naps (or meditate- whatever - besides considering that Beyonce is a musician, meditating every day would help her be creative) I'm not big on wheatgrass, but I know Gwyneth is. The only thing I don't like is the ice water thing. Isn't it a sign that you may have unsafe levels of something going on if your feet swell when you are pregnant ? My midwife was always looking out for that. I was supposed to avoid water retention by drinking 8 glasses of water a day at least (which also helps prevent stretch marks)

Darlene Wdarlene

This blogger and Gwyneth may as be the same person IMO. They BOTH stick their noses in other mother's business without invitation. Remember, the NO CHOCOLATE MILK crusade this blogger is all about? Trying do decide what ALL children should be allowed to drink in school? They're BOTH uppity bitches that deserve one another.

momav... momavanessa

Gwyneth butt out of other peoples lives!!

Melan... Melanie420

shes just trying to help, if she doesnt want to do it she doesnt have to, i wish i had the stretch mark advice but i guess if beyonce wants stretch marks

organ... organicyogalove

im sure if she told her to eat six pints of ice cream and a bag of cheetos no one would be freaking out. funny how something healthy people get so up in arms about

nonmember avatar Barb

What makes bio oil unique?
Exactly how can it be any kind of not the same as applying olive oil or perhaps
baby oil in your epidermis?

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