Pregnant Women Can Wear Tight Shirts! (PHOTOS)

pregnant womanTo all the pregnant women who aren't feeling pretty today ... stop it! I bet you look gorgeous. Even if you just got over hurling over the toilet or spent the night tossing and turning from heartburn. Pregnant women are gorgeous. Want proof?

Look at Catherine -- 31 weeks along with baby number one. Carrying all in the belly (and breasts, hello!). And looking amazingly gorgeous. Though I will admit, I have only known her when she was pregnant so I'm partial.

Much to my surprise, she is wearing maternity clothes -- all from Destination Maternity -- and showing that if you don't like the loose and flowing blouse look, you can wear tight fitting clothes even when pregnant.

Let's get a better look at this outfit ....


Um ... okay. Not fair. She looks better than I do from the back and I'm not pregnant anymore -- haven't been for 21 months and not sure if I ever looked this good from the back. Harrumph. Done being jealous. Time to a-p-p-r-e-c-i-a-t-e. I love the length of the tunic -- long, but not to be confused with a dress. Perfect. The turquoise looks great with her blonde hair. But it would look great on just about any skin tone/hair color, too. And so would this rich blue Oh Baby by Motherhood Rosette Pucker Top from Kohl's on sale for $23.

maternity top

Hi baby bump! There's a little girl in there! Cannot wait to meet the sweetie pie, and until then, this is what I see -- a long-limbed beauty just like her mama who is rocking a really flattering pair of black pants. Check out these Secret Fit Belly Ponte Stretch Fabric Skinny Flare Maternity Pants ($29.98) from Destination Maternity.

maternity pants

What do you think of this look?

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