Hilarious Video Totally Gets Infertility (VIDEO)

birds and beesAs someone who went through years of infertility and secondary infertility, I know how heartbreaking, all-consuming, and painful it can be. Those years were some of the most difficult of my life, and I still reel with the emotion of it all when I think back to that time.

Often the only thing that helped was knowing that I wasn't alone. So much of the struggle of infertility I think is the isolation -- feeling like we were the only ones in the world incapable of producing children as friends and families one by one had babies on their own, while I was still peeing on an endless stream of pregnancy tests that just would not produce a second line. So finding people who got it, who were also struggling with infertility, was always a bright light in the journey. It was with them that I could finally step back and see the absurdity of what we were going through.


A Facebook campaign has picked up on some of that absurdity and produced what's a pretty funny and catchy song based on the struggles couples go through along with a video titled, “Birds and the Bees: The Real Story.” If you are struggling with infertility or have, I bet you'll be able to relate.

Some of the lyrics are just spot on. Some of my favorite lines:

Runnin' home to get down / No matter where we are in town / Stayin' outta' the hot tub / So my sperm count won't go down.

I do prenatal yoga and I follow every detox / Heard high heels make you infertile so I only wear my Reeboks / I drink these nasty smoothies and I do the acupuncture / My cervical mucus is as thick as peanut butter

Here it is in its entirety; see what you think:

They really hit a lot of the feelings of frustration and ridiculous things couples will try to finally bring a baby home. While it's produced by a pharmaceutical company, and is clearly an attempt to promote its fertility drugs, the message is still one that I think can be helpful to couples ... or at least provide a brief bit of light in the often dark journey of infertility.

What do you think of this video? Have you struggled with infertility, and if so, did/does knowing other people can relate help?

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