Woman Says Breast Cancer Was Worth It


breast cancerWe all give up plenty and endure much pain for our children, but some, like Lisa Clough, are forced to give up much more. Clough, 26, developed breast cancer as a direct result of her pregnancy. While rare, in some cases, the excess hormones do cause cancer, and Clough was one of those rare cases.

According to doctors it started when she was 19 and pregnant with her daughter Lily, who is now 6. But it wasn't until three years later that, at her partner's urging, she went to have a patch of rough skin on one breast checked out. The doctors confirmed it was cancer and later told her of the surprising cause of her cancer. Now after three years of radiation, chemotherapy, a mastectomy, and reconstructive surgery, Clough says she'd do it all over again.

It was getting pregnant with my daughter that caused my cancer. I would have cancer every day of my life instead of living without Isabelle though. I don't regret it in the slightest. I could go through it again for another Isabelle.

And really, can any of us say that we wouldn't go through anything imaginable just for the sake of the kids we know and love? As physically and emotionally draining as treatments must be, there is nothing that can overpower the love we feel for and from our children.

While I've fortunately never faced anything as daunting as cancer, my children have given me the strength to do so many things I never would have dreamed possible before having kids -- from being able to clean up vomit without vomiting myself to surviving on ridiculously low levels of sleep.

Clough says it was her daughter who made her fight.

When they told me that it was because of Isabelle, I only thought that if I hadn't had Isabelle, I would have been petrified at that moment, but because I had her, I knew I could fight it for her.

And fight she has. She's now working toward a degree as a teacher, and warns other women to have health concerns checked out right away. While, like I said, cases like Clough's are rare, and in many cases, pregnancy can decrease the risk of breast cancer, she does serve as an important reminder that no matter how busy our lives get, and how many people we're carrying for as mothers, we also need to care for our own health too.

How do your children empower you?

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Renee... Renee79million

She sounds like a wonderful, loving person.

Sandra Huster Olensky

This is a great story!! After struggling with infertility for 11 years, I developed breast cancer at age 39 by a trip to the dermatologist. A year and a half later, 5 surgeries completed, I became pregnant with my little angel who is now a thriving, happy, healthy 5 month old little girl. I know now I was meant to go through the breast cancer THEN give birth to my little miracle. Things happen for a reason and I'm still trying to work this one out. Breast Cancer doesn't have to mean the end, for me and my family it meant the beginning.

skrawli skrawli

That is so great.  I will say having been a 31 yo survivor of mother hood (and cancer) your attitude is EVERYTHING.  She will always be that person that fights for family and you could see that in her statements.  I liked having my cancer because it brought my husband and I closer and makes you realize what is really most important to get done during the days and what you can do with out. 

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