Your Baby's Future Job May Be Determined at Conception

babyThink that fancy preschool, tutoring, and test preparation will pave the way for your child to embark on a successful career as a doctor, dentist, or other well-paid professional? You may be kidding yourself if your kid was born in the summer, because odds are he'll be a bricklayer layer instead. Or so say researchers in the UK.

A study for the UK Office for National Statistics analyzed 19 professions to see if birth months correlated with any of them, and they found that, statistically at least, they did. So if you're hoping to have your future son play football (and you put any stake in this research), then you need to try and time your conception accordingly.


According to a story in the Daily Mail, here are some of the likely professions for children born in each month:

January -- Debt collectors

February -- Artists and traffic wardens

March -- Pilots and musicians

April -- Dictators

May -- Politicians

June -- Chief executives

July -- Bricklayers and train drivers

August -- More bricklayers and presidents

September -- Athletes

October -- No career listed, but they do note that people born in this month typically live the longest

November -- Serial killers

December -- Dentists

Obviously the results should be taken with a grain an entire shaker of salt, but I suppose it's interesting to see the statistics. And scientists do think some diseases and health issues are related to one's birth month, perhaps because of how much exposure a mother has to sunlight. Russell Foster, an Oxford University neuroscientist, recently talked about the link:

These are small effects but they are very, very clear. I am not giving voice to astrology -- it’s nonsense -- but we are not immune to seasonal interference. It seems absurd the month in which you are born can affect life chances, but how long you live, how tall you are, how well you do at school, your body mass index as an adult, your morning-versus-evening preference, and how likely you are to develop a range of diseases are all correlated to some extent with the time of year in which you emerge from the womb.

I, for one, never thought about any of this when we were trying to get pregnant, and now that knowledge seems like a lot of procreation pressure. Unfortunately for my children, it looks like debt collecting and bricklaying may be in their future instead of their dreams of a princess and a baseball player. But hey, an honest profession is an honest profession. At least neither was born in November.

Do you think a person's birth month significantly affects his or her future career and/or health?

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