5 Nursing Bras That Are Actually Really Sexy

leopard print braIf there was one thing I didn't like about breastfeeding, it had to be those depressing, uitlitarian nursing bras. They reminded me of the brassieres my great-grandmother used to hang out on the clothesline: Boring, full-coverage, sturdy cotton undergarments. Actually, they make me think of the tag line from the Saturday Night Live skit "Mom Jeans": "Because you're not a woman anymore, you're a mom."

Bummer. But no worries -- you breastfeeding moms now have it so much better! You'd never even think this leopard-and-lace number was a nursing bra from the looks of it. But it is, and guess what? There are more after the jump!

Berry Monroe, $29.99 you-lingerie.com


licorice braNow this is awesome. I remember not even being able to find a black nursing bra when my kids were babies (and, by the way, this wasn't all that long ago. My kids are 10 and almost 6).

Licorice Bra $59.99 cakelingerie.com




fancy black bra

This one's not only black, it's bedazzled! Perhaps not the most comfortable choice for everyday wear, but so much fun for special occasions.

Tantalised Nursing Bra, $54.90 hotmilklingerie.com








t-shirt bra


As every lady knows (nursing or not), the value of a good t-shirt bra can not be overstated. The value of a good t-shirt nursing bra? That comes in colors like this? Priceless.

Sexy T-Shirt Nursing Bra, $68.00, bellamaterna.com








le mystere bra

I have to say, I think this one might be my favorite. I've never seen a nursng bra look so delicate. I would totally pretend I was Salma Hayek if I was wearing it.

Le Mystere bra, $66, macys.com




Do you prefer your nursing bras functional, sexy, or both?

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