'Jayonce' Baby Name Ideas Are a Hilarious Waste of Time

BeyonceJust last night Beyonce and Jay-Z made one of the most memorable pregnancy announcements ever at the VMAs, and already the world is obsessed with what everyone is obsessed with when it comes to babies -- baby names. Already trending on Twitter is #JayonceBabyNames, and I'm sure we'll see this matter discussed and debated for many months to come even after the superstars select a name for the kid.

It's a pretty tall order to name this babe who's a star before he or she is even born. And with parents with names like Beyonce and Jay-Z, you can't just go and name him Shawn, now can you? Oh wait, that's Jay-Z's real name, so maybe they will go with something more traditional. The fact is no one knows at this point, but it sure is fun to speculate if for no other reason than ... to speculate. Here are some of the rather unique suggestions that have come in via Twitter so far:



"The Million Dollar Baby"


"They could name their kid Chair for crying out loud and they'd still be the coolest babies in the nursery"

"Kanye Ego"

"Boy: Jayon Girl: Beyonzee"

"Jay-Z already said in the "Miss Independent (remix)" that if he had a daughter.. her name would be Brooklyn Carter!"



"Destiny. So when the baby grows up and has kids of his/her own, people can be like look. Its Destiny's child."

And the list goes on and on ... seriously, if you have a few minutes to kill, check out the hashtag; there are some funny ones being thrown around by people who clearly have a lot of time on their hands.

And the fun doesn't stop with Twitter. BET.com polled its readers to see what suggestions they had. Their top three names for the famous couple:

  • Roc'Nisha
  • Shawonyce Knowlique Carter
  • Houlynn Beyshawna Carter

Months of fun this is going to be, people. Who knows, maybe Beyonce and Jay-Z are sitting back getting a good laugh (and perhaps even a few good ideas?) from the suggestions as well. Personally, I think Jayonce has a nice ring to it.

What do you think Beyonce and Jay-Z should name their baby?

Image via Pex Cornel/Flickr

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