5 Funniest Maternity T-Shirts

force t-shirtPregnancy is one of those times when keeping your sense of humor is essential ... if you can't laugh, you'll end up crying (actually you'll probably do both, but might as well squeeze in as much laughter as possible, right?). Good thing there are plenty of wry, witty maternity shirts on the market to boost your blue mood -- or, failing that, to make excuses for it.

Call me crazy, but I have a feeling this t-shirt is going to sell out once a certain demographic (hmm, I don't know, dads) clicks this link. Expect Star Wars-themed crib sheets to show up in the mail next.

$28, cafepress.com


it's not mine tee



Huh? I love this makes-you-look-twice top. Why shouldn't moms-to-be get to use this line every so often?

$20, leavemeb.com








love hurts maternity shirtYou got that right, honey ... and in another few weeks, it's really gonna hurt! Of course the pain will be worth it, but might as well wear this shirt as often as possible to remind your babydaddy of the tremendous physical sacrifice you'll be making. 

$38, lalababyboutique.com






vegas maternity shirtThis one might be my favorite. If you're not pregnant yet, I'd go so far as to say you should actually attempt to conceive your child in Las Vegas just so you can wear this shirt. Of course, you can wear it anyway -- the sentiment still rings true!

$31.99, teewit.com







pregzilla shirtLet no man say he hasn't been warned! When a woman is expecting, you can and should expect the occasional village-destroying temper tantrum. When Pregzilla is on the war path, best to just stay out of that crazy lady's way! (Whatever you do, under no circumstances should you try to reason with Pregzilla. This will surely result in multiple fatalities.)

$38, 2chix.com











Which one of these shirts is your favorite?

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